Simon McKinney: My Time as a Talking Fish (27th April 2010)

The office phone has been ringing non-stop today with the people I’m working with on a Commerce Commission enquiry ringing me every 5 minutes! I’ve got too many projects having tight datelines at the same time, still on a crap administrator’s pay when I’m doing data analysis work (I’ve heard enough of my manager telling me “oh, Telecom’s going through another restructure” or “it takes time” – it has been over 6 months since I was first told this for god’s sake!); I’m moving out of my place and into Jono’s flat in 2.5 weeks; Mum’s coming to live in NZ for 6 months in June and I have to find her a place to live and work; I’m living on $40 spare cash a week, and struggling to catch up with sleep, keep fit, eat well and still have a social life. It is getting all TOO MUCH!! I just want to dig a hole, jump in and hide from everything and everyone. ARGHHHHHHHH!!!!

Caught up with Jono for dinner at Nando’s on Courtenay Place around 6pm before heading to a comedy show tonight. It has been awhile since I came to Nando’s, a casual dining restaurant franchise originating from South Africa that specializes in chicken dishes with either lemon and herb, medium, hot or extra hot peri-peri marinades. The smell of flame-grilled chicken and smoke fills the busy restaurant - hungry! I had a ¼ grilled chicken with a side of garden salad meal for $10.90 while Jono had Classic Chicken Wrap Grande Meal with chips and a drink for $13.90. Hmm, the serving size of my meal as it was rather small and the salad wasn’t very nice – perhaps some peri-peri sauce would help!

At 6.45pm, we headed to The Garden Club on Dixon St to see Simon McKinney’s stand-up comedy show, “My Time as a Talking Fish”, one of the many comedy shows in town as part of the 2010 NZ International Comedy Festival currently on from 23rd April – 16th May. Claus and I had been to Simon’s show last year and were had a great time laughing at his funny impersonations so I thought it would be fun to check out the new show. Frankly, after a crazy long day in the office, I think a beer and a good laugh would do me good!

Cost us $25 per person for the 1-hour show that tells us the story of Simon’s time as the voice of Hamish, the animated fish on TV2’s children's television show, Squirt. Some of his funny stories included telling us the time when he and the Squirt crew received an angry letter from a parent informing them that her kid has been accessing a porn site (kid’s typing error using .com instead of and as you can imagine, the horror when the parent saw them accessing the .com site by accident), receiving weekly fan mail from a man in prison who critiques about the weekly shows, and his character as a Scottish talking fish. Lots of voice impersonations as expected and still managed to get me laughing with tears though I thought Simon was funnier in his show last year, “Simon McKinney Tells A Bit Of A Yarn”.

The show ended at 8pm and Jono suggested we head over to Kaffee Eis on Courtenay Place for some ice-cream and hot chocolate. My baby sure knows how to keep his girl happy *hugs* I’m having a scoop of pistachio ice-cream on a cone please! He’s so sweet :)


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