Roast dinner at James' & The X-Ray Catz (23rd April 2010)

I had planned to have a quiet Friday evening on my own but James convinced me to head over to his place for roast dinner with him and friends – he got me at the mere mention of food!

Headed over to James’ around 6pm. Grace was already there and James had a large chicken roasting in the oven. Hmm, the whole house smells like roast chicken – yum! Not surprised we would all smell like it too after dinner! I brought along a whole pumpkin and helped cut up veggies to roast. James is an awesome cook and dinner’s going to be amazing!!

This was the first time catching up with Grace in person post-Miss Burlesque NZ competition and it was lovely to revisit the events of the evening, laughing together as well as get some constructive feedback on the do’s and don’ts as a performer. I’m really happy for her win – she’s my new Queen! There’s some talk about the top 3 winners doing a NZ tour. I’ve not heard from the organiser (other than the fact it was posted on the website) – guess we shall soon find out…

Dan (Grace’s partner) and Cilla joined us shortly and the 5 of us had a wonderful meal together in great company over rosé and Sheridan’s. Ooo, those Sheridan’s shots are evil, James – goes down so easily AND makes me tipsy! Grace, Cilla and I were discussing cultural norms and how women view their bodies/themselves and somehow the conversation went to dominatrix lessons. Mischievous Grace looked up the internet and found a local ‘mistress’ that teaches such lessons. “Let’s find out how much it’ll cost us,” said Grace and off she went writing an email enquiry to the teacher. I reckon it would be interesting to check it out (not really to be used to ‘tame’ our partners) but just learning moves/skills that can be incorporated into our burlesque routines. Maybe even learn to be more assertive in our relationships?

Around 9.00pm, we headed over to Southern Cross Bar and Restaurant to have a few swing dances with rockabilly (a mix of rock ‘n’ roll with country music) band The X-ray Catz. It was a free event and the dance floor was packed with swing and rock ‘n’ roll dancers. Even people who were not part of these dance scenes were shaking away to the music! The X-ray Catz was a fun band to listen to and watch. The lead singer and guitarist Antony "Mad dog" Maddock dressed up looking like Elvis Presley and walked about the dance floor as far as his guitar cable could go to mingle with the crowd, Johnny Flash has a double bass with a flame job design and all the band members seemed to be having a ball on stage as they entertained the crowd. I had a few swing dances with the boys but as usual, there were more ladies than men so one has to be quick to grab a guy to get a dance! Photos taken at Southern Cross:

Left the gang around 10.30pm for home – they were still burning the dance floor when I left. Have fun you lot and thanks for the lovely evening!


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