Colm's & Kim's joint birthday BBQ (1st April 2010)

It's April Fools - did you get fooled today? Chris texted me early in the morning to say that Mt Victoria was erupting. Haha, very funny, Chris...couldn't fool me!

Today was also the last day of the working week before the long Easter weekend. Busy day at the office trying to finish off one of my projects. In fact, it was a busy day since 5.30am, waking up early for a swim, had a hair cut during my lunch break, getting cake for Colm's and Kim's birthday party tonight as well as baking a gluten- and dairy-free cake to bring up to the Woolley's bach tomorrow. Rush, rush and lots of multitasking!

Chris came to pick me up around 6.30pm and we headed over to Flo's place in Brooklyn where the joint birthday party was held. This was the 3rd Colm 'n' Kim joint birthday party I've attended (Scott, are you reading this?? You had better get back this year by September so we can have our joint party too!) and this year, they hosted the party rather early because Kim's close friends were here visiting from the States, plus the fact that the birthday duo would be away in Vanuatu on their actual birthdays. This was also the last BBQ of the season at Flo's - daylight saving ends this weekend, which marks the start of colder temperatures and less sunlight. Summer is officially over :(

Dribs and drabs, guests arrived at the party. Lots of catching up to do with friends - I've missed so many BBQs hosted by this group of friends as I've been away and have Batucada practice most Sundays. It was nice to finally meet Kim's friends whom she had taken around the South Island for the past 2 weeks and they absolutely loved NZ. Listening to them re-telling stories of their travels and how at awe they were with the beauty and greenery, the exciting and fun things they did - it just made me feel proud to be a Kiwi and hear so many positive things about my country :)

Oh dear god, how much vodka did Kim put in these vodka jelly shots??? 2 jelly shots was enough to give you a real kick in the head and start feeling woozy. Luckily I'm not driving tonight haha! Everyone brought a plate, drink and/or food for the barbie so there was plenty to eat. Yum, loved that lamb Flo cooked - perfecto! Ooo, and I could see guests drinking Falling Water (cocktail mix of 42 Below feijoa, ch'i and a slice of cucmber)! I had better stick to my plain water after those jelly shots. Don't want to go falling!

Got Colm and Kim an orange ricotta cake for their birthday (de-ja-vu, we had the same cake at Rissa's party last week...) and candles with alphabets that spelt HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Unfortunately, it was rather breezy outside and Flo had such a difficult time trying to keep the candles alight as he carried the cake towards the birthday duo (the candles were burning very quickly too!) but we managed to get Colm and Kim to blow some lighted candles and cut the cake. Happy Birthday, you two! Photos taken tonight:

Caught a ride with Chris back home around 9.30pm. I'm just exhausted after a long day but still need to pack up my bags for the long weekend away!


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