St. Patrick's Day (17th March 2010)

The days just whizzes by and it’s St. Patrick’s Day again! This year, I’m prepared for St. Pat’s Day – bought myself a Little Miss Naughty green t-shirt just for the occasion hehe… :P

Caught up with James after work at 4.30pm and we headed down to The Green Man Pub located at the corner of Victoria Street and Willeston Street to meet up with the rest of our friends for our annual St. Pat’s pub crawl. I’ve never been to The Green Man Pub before even though I’ve heard of this Irish pub – a first for me! Woah, only 5ish in the afternoon and the place was already packed with patrons, Irish or not, with most of us donned in green attire of sorts trying to get to the bar for a drink (the line was 3 rows deep with people ‘sardined’ together). Ironically, James and sister Fiona, who are both Irish descendents were dressed in black. “We don’t need the green; our hair obviously tells all we have the genes,” said Fiona and we all laughed as she pointed out her red locks. How true! Geoff came to join us for a drink and us four moved on to 3C Bar & Restaurant on Chews Lane to meet up with girls Pam and Gemma who turned up to The Green Man Pub only to walk up the ramp and gave up when they couldn’t push themselves through the crowd to get in. 3C is another place I’ve not yet stepped foot into - a chic and classy bar and restaurant situated in a beautifully restored heritage building formerly the Colonial Carrying Company of Wellington. We were fortunate enough to secure a corner table for our large group – lots of chit-chat and laughs over drinks :)

Ooo, feeling tipsy after 2 beers…need food…I’ve been thinking of pub steak the whole day but sadly it wasn’t on the bar menu at 3C. Disappointed that I wasn’t going to get my steak fix tonight, I was just about to put in my food order and have another beer when Jono texted me to say he was at JJ Murphy’s. JJ’s = STEAK!!!! You stay there – I’m coming over NOW! Said my goodbyes to the gang (we’ll continue our chat about burlesque and costumes at James’ bbq on Saturday!) and rushed off to Cuba Mall around 6.30pm to meet up with Jono who was there with Steve. And they had a table too at the busy pub! This is a sign – I AM having steak tonight!! I didn’t care that the boys had to leave me on my own at the pub in 20 minutes’ time. Nothing was coming between me and my meat!! Ordered my Murphy’s peppered steak and a Murphy’s Red beer which cost me $30 all up. Surprisingly, it didn’t take very long to get served - awesome! Steve headed off while Jono kept me company as I gorged my oh-so-delicious steak (this is not the first time he has seen me devour my steak so I think he’s quite used to it :P). YUM!! Ah, happy belly :)

Left JJ’s and walked down towards Taranaki St where Jono picked up his car and headed off to his regular Wednesday volleyball while I continued on my pub crawl at Molly Malones where friends Colm and Chris where at. Chris had his “touch me I’m famous” t-shirt on – what a laugh when random strangers attempt to touch him haha! Had a bit of chit-chat with friends (was hard work to talk as we were literally shouting at each other) then headed out to the makeshift tent where the Irish band was playing to have a few fun dances and headed home at 10pm. Photo taken tonight:

3 Irish pubs in 4 hours - quite a record!


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