The Navigators (5th March 2010)

Yahoo, it’s Friday again!

Went out for coffee at Deluxe Café on Kent Terrace with boys Jeremy, Greg, Sam, Tama and Phil from work this morning – it’s usually a boys-only coffee group but they do occasionally extend their invite to me. Wait up, I’m coming along!

Did you know that your coffee would be free if you got the right match when rolling the dice at the order counter at Deluxe? Most cafes in town will give you a coffee card which they would stamp each time you buy a drink; here at Deluxe, the free drink entitlement is quite different. First, order your drink then get the 2 dice stowed away near the cash till and give it a roll. If you get 2 sixes or a six and a star, Deluxe will shout you your coffee. I never knew Deluxe had such an interesting free-coffee-by-chance game until Sam told me about it. “Go on, roll the dice!” egged Sam and I did…AND got a six and a star! Free flat white for me!! “Why you little s&^t…” grumbled Sam and caused quite a commotion in the café with me and the other patrons laughing. The man queuing behind us added that he has been a regular patron of Deluxe for over 15 years but never once has he gotten lucky. Hehe, first-timer’s luck I say! :)

“What do the guys talk about?” you ask. Well, mostly still work-related stuff with the occasional gossip (yes, even guys gossip!) of what’s happening in the team and life outside work. The talk of the week has got to be Sam’s upcoming wedding. Yep, our Irish boy is walking down the aisle with fiancé Anna this month - congrats, Sam!

The rest of my day ticked along rather quickly. Around 6.30pm, boys Ben and Jono came to meet me at home – the guys, me and Rissa were all going to see The Navigators circus performance at Waitangi Park later this evening and catching for a BBQ at Ben & Rissa’s before the show. The boys had already bought the food for the BBQ so we walked over to Regional Wines & Spirits at the bottom of Ellice Street (about 2 blocks away from my place) to meet Rissa who was there waiting for us in her car. I’ve never been to Regional Wines – they have a pretty good selection of alcohol but what was interesting was that you could bring your own bottle and refill it with beer sold in mls from the choice of beer rigs in store. I’m not sure if you have to buy the refill bottle from the shop – the ones that Ben had looked rather similar to those 1.25-2 litre soft drink plastic bottles, except they didn’t have a label stuck to it and were brown in colour. Or do they weigh the filled bottle when you pay?? Hmm...I have no idea what was done (the boys did the refilling) except told us girls that we were paying for the beer. Okie dokie :)

Arrived back at Ben & Rissa’s and the boys got the barbie going while Rissa and I cooked up the mussels and made the salad. Ben had his speakers out so we had music playing while we prepared the food. Ben kept disappearing to the roof to play on his trumpet (don’t ask me why – I’ve no idea what he was doing) leaving Jono to deal with the barbie on his own. Harry, Rissa’s cat, was meowing at us girls relentlessly in the kitchen when we were cooking the mussels. Hmm, kitty likes seafood :) Helen came over to join us for a few drinks as we ate our yummy thick porterhouse steaks with a side serving of salad, bread and corn, downed with cold beer – yum! Photos taken at Ben & Rissa's:

It looked to me we wouldn't be going to the circus show since Ben and Rissa still had a full plate of food and seemed quite comfortable where we were. “Come on, I’m finished,” rushed Jono. Someone’s still keen! Ops, I better hurry up!! After 10 minutes of deliberation, the group decided to head down to Waitangi Park to see the show, even though we would have missed the first 15 minutes by the time we got there. Rush, rush, rush…a quick walk downhill to Waitangi Park while Ben skateboarded down (hey, no fair!), we arrived at the park around 8pm and joined in the crowd to watch the show.

The Navigators is one of the free events (koha) which was part of Wellington Festival of Circus 2010 at Waitangi Park currently running from the 3rd – 9th of March. An amazing 1-hour circus act that truly suited our windy Wellington theme, it follows a group of intrepid explorers who were out at sea searching for treasure and the meaning of life. Filled with danger and death defying stunts, the acrobats wowed the crowd by twirling and twisting themselves up and down the tissue, flinging themselves on trapeze (the trapeze was swinging really high up), balancing themselves on one another and made us laugh at their silly antics. A local production from the folks at Fuse Circus, it is a must-see show and a great opportunity for us Wellingtonians to support our local performers! Photos taken of The Navigators (my camera’s not so great for night shots) :

The show ended at 8.45pm and the gang headed over to Deluxe (de-ja-vu!) for drinks and cake. Jono tried his luck on the dice after I told him my earlier experience but he wasn’t as lucky. It’s ok, better luck next time! *hugs* Ben and Rissa called it an early night as they were still recovering from their cold and everyone headed our own ways home around 10.30pm. Works jolly well for me actually because it's going to be a long day tomorrow celebrating and partying at Ramnish and Antje's wedding! You two get better soon!


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