A Day in Pompeii exhibition (4th March 2010)

I had another photo of mine featured in the Australia & New Zealand 2010 Intrepid Travel brochure, this time a photo of me sampling fresh oysters in Tasmania (photo taken back in 2008 when I did the trip). Check it out:

Met up with Jono after work at 5pm and headed over to Te Papa to see the A Day In Pompeii exhibition which runs from 19th December 2009 - 25th April 2010. We've talked about heading over to see the exhibition several times but always ended up doing something else. I found out from reading the local papers that Te Papa was offering Wellington City residents free admission to the exhibition today (normally $15) - no excuse not to go! We had to bring along proof of address that we DO live in Wellington City to gain the free admission.

A Day In Pompeii revisits the violent eruption of Mt Vesuvius that buried the ancient Roman city of Pompeii over 2000 years ago. With over 250 priceless treasures including marble sculptures and delicate frescoes, most are perfectly intact, as if time capsuled (they have been preserved by ash) for us to discover, learn and admire today. The exhibition also features replica body casts of people and animals trapped by ash on that last fateful day which may be upsetting for some. A surge of sadness and despair engulved me. I could actually feel what it must have felt like for these people and animals, those last breathes and struggling moments, just standing there looking at the contorted body casts.

You can also travel through a virtual house that illustrates the beauty and elegance of a Roman villa in this ancient city. Unfortunately due to the huge crowd, Jono and I didn't get to play with one of the interactive screens. We continued on our visit checking out the sophisticated objects used by Pompeians for their day-to-day living, many of which we still use today. Best of all, the exhibition has a spectacular 3D immersive video for visitors to experience the final hours of terror of Mt Vesuvius’ deadly eruption. This is one exhibition not to be missed!

Left around 7pm and shared takeaway noodles by the waterfront to catch the last bit of sun before it sets. How romantic, hehe ;) Rest of the evening was spent chilling out at home and watching some TV. Yay, it's Friday tomorrow!


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