Salsa @ Sunset (24th February 2010)

Was feeling tired and somewhat down after a long day at work so decided to head over to the Band Rotunda on Oriental Parade after work for a few salsa dances at Salsa @ Sunset for a little pick-me-up. Salsa @ Sunset is the summer free weekly salsa sessions hosted by the folks from Cuban Fusion and today was the last session for the season. No partner or experience necessary, the event starts from 6pm till 7.30pm with a free introductory dance lesson that explores dance styles like salsa, cha cha and reggaeton in a stunning outdoor setting overlooking the Wellington harbour.

There were lots of people at the Band Rotunda when I got there, most of whom I’ve never met before. Are they the new batch of salsa enthusiasts or just curious dancers-to-be trying it out for the first time?? I’ve been so out of the dance scene to the point I hardly recognise anyone these days. Caught up with a few familiar faces in between dances including Josiane who was back in town from Melbourne for the week.

God, I still love to dance – definitely lifted my mood after having several fun dances with the guys. One thing still never changes in this town when it comes to dancing: I still need to ‘fish’ for a male lead, checking out the dance floor for potentials to dance with. Yep, there are still more female salsa dancers and if I don’t walk up to a male lead to ask for a dance, I pretty much wouldn’t get any dances! Photos taken this evening:

The Band Rotunda where Salsa @ Sunset was held

View from the Band Rotunda of Oriental Parade

Check out the crowd!

The free dance lesson taught and led by Rafael from Cuban Fusion

I really should get back into salsa, again!


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