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European Masters (18th December 2010)

Alcatel-Lucent Xmas party (17th December 2010)

Hot stone massage at Mallary Rainey Massage Therapy (16th December 2010)

BI Team Xmas party (15th December 2010)

Running along Oriental Parade (10th December 2010)

Hot Express class at Hot Yoga of New Zealand (6th December 2010)

My Dream (28th November 2010)

Otari-Wilton's Bush (27th November 2010)

Arbitrageur Wine Room & Restaurant, Wellington (26th November 2010)

Thursday diving with The Dive Guys (25th November 2010)

Day 2: Scuba diving refresher complete! (21st November 2010)

Day 1: Scuba diving refresher course (20th November 2010)

Everything Is OK (17th November 2010)

Vector Wellington Orchestra Presents 1710 - Organ Symphony (13th November 2010)