Meeter & Greeter at Telecom Retail Store (9th December 2009)

I had the pleasure of working at the Telecom Retail Store located in Dukes Arcade today as part of supporting our frontline sales people in the lead up to Christmas, their busiest time of the year. As a greeter, my job is to help manage the flow of customers in-store during my 8.30am-5.30pm shift - pretty much say 'Welcome to Telecom, how can we help you today?' and make small talk with the customers as they wait in line for the next Telecom Communications Consultant to come available to put through their query or purchase, and try to answer questions as best I can. I'm glad that my manager gave me approval to take a day of my busy week to work in the Retail Store, an interesting experience for me to see what actually happens in-store and a chance to get connected with our customers :)

On arrival at the Retail Store, I was greeted by Assistant Manager, Stuart Larking, got given a greeter's T-shirt to wear for the day, introduced to Pare and Chelsea, the 2 Communications Consultant whom I'll be working with and briefed on what I would be doing. The store itself was by far one of the smallest I've visited in town to date and when we had 5 customers in-store, the place just felt congested.

I can tell you frankly, I know little of the things I hear the trio rattle on about and there are so many products, services, plans etc. that we offer - how on earth do they cram so much information in their heads when customers shoot them all sorts of questions awes me. Stuart told me that it takes a newbie 6 months to get their head around the products and services we offer. Wow...I'm not sure if I can do it in 6 months myself!

I was very impressed with this team at Dukes Arcade - they worked together dealing with customers in-store and on the phone with a smile and excellent service despite the pressure and the occasional difficult customer to handle. A cool, small team of young people who do their job well and manage to have fun doing so too! Great job, team, and keep up the good work!! I had a great time working with them and mingling with our customers though standing 8 hours on my feet does hurt at the end of the day:/ Still, it was a worthwhile experience and thanks guys for having me over for the day!


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