Jazz & High Tea with Vaughn Roberts & the Mississippi Pipis (6th December 2009)

James and I rounded a bunch of friends to attend Jazz & High Tea with Vaughn Roberts & the Mississippi Pipis at Ruby Lounge this afternoon - James got the swing crowd together while I got Scott, Alicia and Jono to come along. It was the 2nd time Vaughn was playing his New Orleans jazz gig at Ruby Lounge and after having such a fun time at the first one last month, I didn't want to miss the gig today!

Rushed home after my Batucada practice and waited for Jono to pick me up. It's half-way till the end of my series of workshops and today I got to play the repinique, a two-headed Brazilian drum used in samba baterias - hmm, don't think I like playing the repinique very much as my hands tire after awhile. One hand would play on the repinique like playing on a snare drum with the back end of the stick while the other slaps on the drum like a bongo drum. Good coordination definitely required and it is when the beats get faster that really tires out my hands and arms.

Headed over to Ruby Lounge with Jono around 4.30pm. Cost us $10 each at the door and friends Scott, Alicia, James and Grace were already there so we headed over to join them. Jono and I decided to try out their high tea which was served while the jazz band played. High tea is a term in United States that refers to afternoon tea or tea party, with the term 'high' associated with social 'formality'. I've never had high tea before - another first for me! For $20, we shared a large pot of tea and a 3-tier platter of thinly sliced sandwiches, little cakes and scones. I laughed when Jono said I had to put my little pinky finger out as I sipped my tea. All seemed very proper, Victorian English etiquette - I'm having lots of fun and the food was very yummy too!

Had a few fun swing dances in between chit-chats with friends. Just a chilled out Sunday afternoon in good company and awesome jazz music. Ah, bliss! :) Photos taken at Ruby Lounge this afternoon: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8070917@N05/sets/72157622827905953/detail/


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