Noodle Canteen & Stacey's dare (10th November 2009)

Caught up with James for lunch today and we went to check out this newly opened shop called Noodle Canteen on Courtenay Place. Neither of us had been there before and it was an interesting noodle shop concept - fast food take-away that serves noodles presented in a box, the typical American way. The meal is cooked as you order and there are over 30 noodle varieties for you to choose from. I had their Seafood Mee Goreng which was egg noodles with prawn, calamari, fish cake, crab meat, tofu and fresh vegetables in an Indian style sauce for $11.80. We took our take-away boxes with us and had our lunch by the waterfront. Wow, it's a lot of noodles - the meal was enough to feed two. I had to take-away my take-away! Tasted pretty good and great value for money. Will have to go back and try some other varieties. Photos taken of our Noodle Canteen lunch experience on my mobile phone:

Watching our lunch being prepared

Over 30 varieties of noodles to choose from, cooked and packed before your eyes

My Seafood Mee Goreng lunch

Sigh, I don't even dare blow my nose right now. Think I may have burst a small capillary in my right nostril and everytime I blow my nose (I have a cold), it bleeds. Just over the weekend, I got up in the middle of the night because I could feel blood literally flowing down through my throat and had to stick some tissue up my right nostril before getting back in bed! Really, perhaps it's better to just stick a tampon up my right nostril to stop the bleeding, and naughty me put it up as my Facebook status only to get friends posting all sorts of suggestions to fix the bleeding and 1 dare from Stacey to actually do it. Yes, she dared me to stick a tampon up my nose. Really?? Well, this is going to be one hell of an experience and experiment...

Went to buy a box of tampons on my way home from work. Hmm, let's go for this one that says 'silky, smooth' on the box...should work fine...bloody hell, tampons don't come cheap! Was trying to multitask getting dressed and the photos done and posted to Stacey before meeting Jonathan for a movie but he popped over early instead and insisted on photographing the whole process! We got into histerical fits of laughter as he watched me trying to put the tampon into my right nostril :P Silky, smooth my arse - sticking up the tampon wasn't that smooth. In fact, I might have enlarged the size of my right nostril trying to it in! Oh well, at least I can now say, been there and done that. Not the smartest way to fix a nose bleed if you have small nostrils. Photos taken of me taking on Stacey's dare to stick a tampon up my nose:

Alright, let's see, how do I open this thing...

Jonathan, quit making me laugh - I can't fit it in!

Stacey, this is for you :P


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