Ladyhawke (1st November 2009)

After a super late night partying all around town for Halloween last night, I deserve to sleep in this morning…zzz…Finally got out of bed at noon and headed over to The Bach Café in Island Bay around 1pm with Jonathan to grab some lunch. A Kiwi big breakfast sounds SO good right now – I’m starving!

“Oh, the place looks pretty packed…hey, look, there’s Liviu and Pooria!” I exclaimed as we got out of the car. Sweet, we’ll just join their table and skip the line hehe…I’m sure the boys wouldn’t mind extra company :) Had my full breakfast of toast, bacon and eggs with a flat white out in the sun while catching up with the boys. Was laughing at Liviu’s photos taken last night of him in a vampire costume. With that Romanian accent of his, he really does a good impersonation of Count Dracula :P

Everyone left the café around 3pm and Jonathan and I headed over to Oriental Bay beach to catch up with his friends but they were no longer at the beach when we got there so we took a leisurely stroll along Oriental Parade - ah, bliss, just what a lazy Sunday should be like! Thanks for an awesome weekend, Jonathan – I had a lovely time :)

Headed home at 5pm to rest, shower, make dinner and got ready and dressed up punk-rock chic style (no, I didn’t dye my hair or have a Mohawk) for tonight’s Ladyhawke concert. Yep, our Kiwi own singer, Pip Brown aka Ladyhawke from Masterton is currently touring NZ and has her one night only gig at San Francisco Bathhouse tonight featuring songs from her self-titled album that won best album of the year in the recent NZ Music Awards. You would have heard her songs like “Paris Is Burning”, “My Delirium” and “Magic” playing on the local radio stations quite often these days – her album is quite a hit, even I bought a copy ;) James and Chris were also fans of Ladyhawke so we had a little groupie heading to the concert tonight – yay!

Chris came to pick me up at 8pm and we headed over to San Francisco Bathhouse (SFBH) which was still rather empty so decided to come back shortly. We walked over to the newly located Espressoholic on upper Cuba St for a coffee while waiting for James to turn up. Hmm, somehow this Espressoholic has a different vibe to the old one…perhaps still reminded me of the chocolate shop that was here previously…

Around 8.30pm, we headed back to SFBH and the place was beginning to pack up! James caught up with us shortly, squeezing through the crowd to get to us. Cost us $57 each for the concert tickets. The gig officially kicked off at 9pm with opening band Over The Atlantic, a Kiwi band playing songs from their album Dimensions for the first hour before Ladyhawke and her band members came on stage. Ladyhawke was amazing – she totally wowed the crowd and got us all jumping up and down to her tunes (you could feel the dance floor shaking!). Stage lights bright and blinding, and music blasting out loud, this was the best concert I’ve been to this year! Me and the boys were having such an awesome time despite sardined in the crowd, covered with sweat and probably going deaf from the loud music!! Woo-hoo!

There was a bag filled with balloons attached to the ceiling and James, Chris and I were standing exactly below it! When Ladyhawke sang partway through the song “Paris is Burning”, the balloons were let off and it ‘rained’ onto the dance floor. Awesome! …My heart is yearning, but Paris is burning…Paris is burning all night long…Fans were all singing and dancing to the songs – it was such a great vibe of energy at the concert! Photos taken tonight:

The gig ended at 11.30pm and though the crowd cheered and stomped their feet for another encore, Ladyhawke did not come back out to play for us :/ Oh well, I guess it was a Sunday too and most of us still need to work tomorrow. But first, a shower before I head off to bed!


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