Guy Fawkes 2009 (5th November 2009)

It's Guy Fawkes celebrations again today! Yes, another year of fireworks display at Wellington waterfront and this year, it'll be for a full 20 minutes (normally just 15 minutes). But first, I need to satisfy this steak craving I'm having and rounded up boys Scott, James and Geoff out for steak and beer dinner tonight before the fireworks. James suggested we have beers and dinner at JJ Murphy's - seriously, Irish pub for steak??

My, my, do not ever underestimate the steak at an Irish pub - I had their Murphys Peppered Steak, peppered Porterhouse steak grilled and served with Murphy’s gravy (cost $21.50) and it was YUM! I was in heaven....ahh...I can't believe none of the boys had steak with me - James had a chicken main meal while boys Geoff had dinner before joining us and Scott was catching up with Alicia for dinner. Sheesh! Oh well, I'm in a happy place right now after polishing off my whole piece of steak...mmm...

Left boys James and Geoff to find Scott and Alicia and we headed to the boat sheds along Oriental Parade to secure a spot on the cement roof to watch the fireworks. It was the same spot Scott and I were at last year, by far the best spot to view the fireworks, I say. Hannah came to join us shortly and along with other Wellingtonians scattered all around the waterfront in jackets and windbreakers (it was a cold and windy night), watched the colourful fireworks that began at 9pm. To be honest, the fireworks looked pretty much the same year after year - it was more an event to get a group of friends out together than for the fireworks itself.

The gang decided to have a late night cuppa before calling it a night and we ended up at Enigma on Courtenay Place where we found other friends and boys Scott and Willy-John went into their photography frenzy as usual (rolling my eyes). Photos taken tonight:


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