Feeling better and getting back on track (24th November 2009)

I'm SO glad that I'm feeling way better now after the nasty cough - tired of falling sick and just want to get back to my exercise, social activities etc!

Caught up Hew yesterday for lunch at Joe's Garage on Tory St. Joe's Garage has now become a new regular place for me to have lunch (James and I somehow end up going there for lunch almost every Wednesday). Was lovely to catch up with my long time girlfriend - it has been some time since I last saw her and the poor girl had injured herself at work trying to lift something heavy and is now wearing a brightly coloured cast on her left wrist. Hello? You are way smaller framed than me and shouldn't be lifting heavy items! Hmm...hope she gets well soon because it's rather inconvenient having a cast on the wrist...

I've also gone back to Bikram yoga classes (I've been so slack, haven't been back since I went on holiday in Tonga) and boy does it feel awesome sweating it out in the 90-minute class :)

Came home Monday evening and was going through my mail and guess what I found? Another photo taken during my travels printed in one of the 2010 Intrepid Travel brochures! This one was a photo taken in Chicago of their famous sculpture, the Cloud Gate, and is featured in the 2010 USA-Alaska-Canada brochure. Check it out:

And speaking of travels, I'll be heading to Sri Lanka and India end of December with Jonathan - it would be a great adventure, both with a new travel partner AND travelling in countries we've not been to before. Looking forward to it! I LOVE travelling - yippee!!

Went along to help out at Jessica's forro class tonight. This would be the last class for me as I won't be able to make it to the final class of the term following Tuesday. I thought it was a real pity that there won't be a new term next year but just weekend workshops. Well, I suppose with Jessica going back to school, it makes fitting the lessons into her schedule more challenging. Had a fun time helping out the boys tonight and had a few fun dances with Charles too :)

Boys Liviu and Chris have been growing their moustaches (their 'mo') the month of November and I took the opportunity to take a photo of the two Mexican-looking boys on my mobile phone before they take off their moustaches on 1st Dec:


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