Brazealand band last gig of the year & Hundy In Your Undies party (20th November 2009)

...cough, cough...hmm, feeling better but still have the cough especially during the night...I just want to get well so I can get on with life!

Tonight was Brazealand's last gig for the year held at Southern Cross Bar and by the time Scott, Hannah and I got there around 9.30pm, the place was already packed, music playing, people dancing and as usual, lots of people to catch up and say 'hi' to. It's almost 2 years that Brazealand had been playing in Wellington and tonight's gig had 11 special guests joining them on stage, Brazilian and Kiwi musicians, including friends Adilson, Charles and Elaine. There was definitely something in the air at Southern Cross tonight - the dancefloor was packed with happy dancing people and I had a fabulous time dancing with friends :) Ron and I tried to dance some gafieira with much difficulty on the packed dancefloor, did awesome forro dances with Paul and Charles, and boogied with new salsa dancers Pooria and Liviu too. James arrived just as the first set ended and we had a fun quick swing dance to a song played by the DJ during the break. Jono turned up as the second set started but we left after the 2nd song to another party we were invited to in Mt Cook.

Jono and I left Southern Cross Bar around 11.30pm to a house party in Mt Cook - it was a birthday party of 4 people whose ages added together equalled 100 thus the theme Hundy In Your Undies; Hundy as it's short for hundred and undies, well, it just rhymes. Guests were encouraged to wear just their undies to the party though it is not compulsary. I wasn't told about the party until this morning so had to run around town to look for a pair of ruffled knickers for the themed party after work. Well, I could go wearing my own undies but I think they may be a tad too revealing for the occassion and I'm not sure if the crowd whom I'm meeting for the first time would appreciate getting a heart attack :P This is the first of such kind of party I'm going to - should be a good laugh and plenty of photo opportunity!

Jono made me laugh so much when he started taking his pants off in the car before heading into the house. He had only his hat, a singlet, boxer shorts and his shiny black shoes with socks. Reminds me of the characters in the movie The Full Monty hehe...I joined in taking my pants off to reveal my cute black ruffled knickers (and I think looked pretty sexy too :P). Most of the guests at the party wore their undies on top of their normal clothes but most of the guys were stripped down to only their briefs, dancing their hearts away to the pumping music in the lounge. It was funny taking photos of people at the party, some pretty indecent positions too haha! Had a bit of a boogie along with the crowd (yes, all of us in our variety of undies, girls and boys alike), caught up with friends Rissa and Ben (Rissa still looked hot despite parading in granny pants and Ben, oh, dear, Ben, he was just posing in all indecent positions and cracked me up!) and stayed on till about 12am when the party officially died down. Photos taken at the party:


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