Halloween SalsaFever Party at Shooters Bar (30th October 2009)

Thank god it's Friday - TGIF! Been a busy though short week given that Monday was a public holiday. Heaps of catching up with friends and flat out at work!

Caught up with lovely Ronja for lunch today, a bubbly German girl whom I met while volunteering at WOW this year, and had a girlie cocktail session with Stacey at The Library after work. It had been a while since I caught up with Stacey and it was great fun chatting and laughing about all sorts together. I'm loving The Library - the ambience, yummy cocktails and fabulous service (the waitstaff keeps coming by, refilling your glass of water, roasted almonds for the table and/or taking your next order). Honestly, it is quite rare to find me catching up with the girls - normally, I'm in company of boys (let's see, this week, Monday I was with Chris on the ferry back to Wellington, Tuesday caught up with Jonathan, Wednesday movies with Liviu, Thursday drinks with boys Geoff, James and Scott...) and it's nice to have girlie catch ups too :)

Tonight's salsa party was at Shooters Bar and because tomorrow is Halloween, everyone was invited to come dressed up for the theme. My decision to go out salsa dancing tonight was so last minute and I pretty much just grabbed a few items of my clothing and put them together for a punk-goth Wednesday Addams wannabe look and I must say, I think I did a pretty good job with my version of the costume and make-up, given I had only half an hour to put them together ;) You should check out Scott's make-up - he came to pick me up for the party around 10pm and oh my god, you should see what he did to his face. Awesome job with the make-up (Scott's SO creative!), making him look a mix between Uncle Fester from The Addams Family and one of Darth Vader's evil menaces.

Cost us $10 each for the party tonight and I had better come out dancing more for I don't know two thirds of the people on the dance floor plus my moves were getting rusty. But I still have lots of fun, catching up with friends, taking photos of our amazing looks (it was hard trying to recognise some people) and having lots of fun dances. Photos taken tonight: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8070917@N05/sets/72157622697360182/detail/

Happy Halloween!


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