Good Night - The End (26th September 2009)

Spent most of the afternoon catching up with sleep and went to meet Liviu and friends at Downstage Theatre around 7.30pm to see the play Good Night - The End that was showing from 11th Sept - 3rd Oct. Liviu and I had organised to see the play tonight because I won't be available in the evenings the week ahead as I'm volunteering at WOW again this year. Tired as I am from the trip home, I'm going to drag myself to the play!

Cost us $45 each for the 2-hour play with an interval in between. Good Night - The End is a play that looks into the daily lives of 3 Grim Reapers trying to kill time in a kitchen when not at work, counting down the days to Christmas and the random Italian-speaking playboy boss (he wasn't really speaking Italian but a mix of Latin languages jumbled up) popping into view out of the blue yet cracks me up everytime.

The show started off with the Italian sitting behind a screen, learning to speak English by listening to the language tape, followed by total darkness and the Grim Reapers emerging on different sides of the stage, speaking in Darth Vader-like voices, neon lights and smoke surrounding them. The rest of the show pretty much didn't make a whole lot of sense but it was comical to watch how these Grim Reapers interact with each other like young hostel students. Harvester of Sorrow was always making Milo and trying to deal with cancer (aren't Grim Reapers dead??), Unavoidable Destiny just doesn't stop eating and poor Transitional Friend gets bullied by the other 2 Grim Reapers all the time (he's so pitiful and near in tears, makes me want to mother him and tell him it's all ok). And L'amministrazione, the boss, would appear randomly to talk to them about the Christmas party in his made-up Italian. His appearances were funny - one had him slowly removing part of a picture hanging on the wall and emerging, 'blending' his head into the painting. I laughed when I saw that and the others were still glued to the reapers not realising what had happened. Another occasion, the Italian came out from the floor, supposedly being cased by dogs from hell and he was checking himself to make sure his nuts were still intact and thanked god. Those tight lycra pants of his imprinted everything, and I do mean everything...

The play ended with an illuminated dance performance by the 4 actors in skeleton suits which was awesome. Would I recommend the play? Well, I suppose so. It was very creative despite not having a logical progression in its story. Perhaps this is the new-age type of play? I don't know but it sure got quite some laughs out of me and kept me entertained.

Around 10pm, Liviu, Jonathan and his sis, Michelle, and I all walked over to Havana Bar to check out Carlos' gig with Son Clave. Probably wasn't such a wise idea to be there and I was trying my hardest to social with friends, most of whom were keen to hear stories of my Tonga trip. Danced a bit, even tried teaching Jonathan some salsa and cha-cha which was fun. Left before midnight and walked home - couldn't stand it anymore. I was just so exhausted.

Walking home on my own, it hit me that I was back in Wellington, back to the reality of life and no more on holiday. Strange feeling of sadness to be back...weird...


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