Ear candling (5th September 2009)

Got up early this morning and headed to The Natural Health Centre on Courtenay Place for my 10am ear candling appointment. Haha, I can see you giving me weird looks - ear candling??? Well, I've heard about this holistic way of ear wax removal but have personally never tried it. Was at the Women's Lifestyle Expo last week and found out that The Natural Health Centre nearby my workplace offers this service. Yes - another tick on my list of things to try out for the year!

The experience was interesting but not as relaxing as I had envisioned. I had to lie on my side while the therapist lights one end of a hollow candle placing the other end into my ear canal and holding it upright as it slowly burns downwards. I could hear a hissing sound of the burning candle and frankly, I was more worried I would get burned even though the therapist assured me I would be fine. Okay...*gulps*...Once half the candle was burned, the therapist removes the candle from my ear, cuts off the burnt end and empties the contents from the hollow piece into a small bowl of water. Those icky, dried up yellowish-black bits in the bowl were supposed to be my excess ear wax and/or residue from infection in my ear! Eew - looks disgusting!!

The whole procedure was repeated with the remaining half of the candle (of course, the therapist didn't burn the candle all the way but stopped when it was getting near my ear lobe) and with a brand new candle for the other ear. Cost me $50 for the 30-minute job and I left the place with a thin layer of sweet-smelling candle wax in my ear. Hmm, I'm not fully convinced that this is the best way of removing ear wax. Still quite puzzled how on earth my ears could hold so much dirt!

Hurried along to Christian's place after that for gafieira practice and he made us lunch - was nice to catch up. Sigh, can't believe he's leaving soon in just a few weeks :(


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