Days leading up to Tonga trip (14th - 17th September 2009)

Another extremely busy week for me at work and in my social calendar. I SO need a break...

Went for a free 1/2 hour consultation with a life consultant at The Choice (same folks that hosted singles' events in town which I had previously attended) on Ghuznee St on Tuesday. Not that I think there's anything wrong with my life and lifestyle that I feel the need for someone to give me advice on but just plain curious what on earth does a life consultant do. It seemed to me a life consultant is like a personal trainer who uses fancy tools to help you keep track of your goals and/or desires and work with you along the journey to achieve them. It was quite interesting to chat with the consultant who in the brief session told me that my life is all fine and dandy but I'm not doing anything to find a life partner. She told me that though I have a very active social life, my goal/focus is about the event or catching up with friends rather than going out there to seek a man, which could be the reason why I've had not much luck in this area of my life. Right...I'm not 100% sure I agree with her insight about my love life though come to think of it, I do go to events with no expectation of meeting a man. Hmm...

I also got to meet my job seeker in person today - yes, I've finally been matched up with a job seeker for my volunteering role as a job mentor :) Rosette has recently moved to NZ from Philippines and though she is currently working, she's seeking for a permanent role that's more relevant to her qualifications and experience. My job is to assist and support her along this journey - first things first, I need to review your CV and cover letter!

Today was also the first Tuesday that I didn't have to teach samba gafieira so went out to Havana Bar to check out Elaine's Samba Funk Quartet gig. I've never been able to attend her Tuesday gigs because of dance practice but now that class has ended, I've got no excuse! The Taylors were there (where is Christian??) and so were many familiar faces - lots of catching up to do in between dances. Liviu always cracks me up with his own version of samba dancing :)

Wednesday was my final burlesque class for the term and Grace taught us as few routines of all the moves we have learnt in the last 5 weeks put together. We got to pretend to be characters today - cutesy Betty Boo or sexy vixen, quite opposite characters I say. Fantastic job, Grace, for her first burlesque term. I had heaps of run and I look forward to Level 2 class ;)

On Thursday, I caught up with Liz for dinner and we went to see the movie Young Victoria together (I had won 2 tickets to the movie) ,then home to pack up my bags for the trip until mignight. Feeling quite burnt-out and sleep deprived but I've got no choice for I won't have the time to pack tomorrow since that's when Scott and I are throwing our joint birthday dinner!


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