Christian's farewell & afternoon at the beach with friends (13th September 2009)

It was Christian's farewell brunch today and a group of us friends gathered together for yum char at Regal Restaurant on Courtenay Place around 11am. Only less than 2 weeks to go and Christian will be leaving us for Newcastle (UK) where he will be starting his new life as a PhD student. You will be SO dearly missed, Christian, and all the best! His departure also means the end of our weekly gafieira class - it's sad that the class has finally come to an end. Christian's done a great job keeping it going after Helbert left. Thanks so much!

My god can we eat! Dribs and drabs, more and more friends came and we ended up having to squash closely to fit into the round table - 16 was the final count. Poor Annie was eating from her lap! It was nice to see everyone, some of whom I've not caught up with for a long time. Photos taken at yum char:

Willy-John, Stephen, Kim and me

Christian, Robert, Stacey, Paul, Ethel and Robyn

An hour later and still going strong eating...

Making a face as Willy-John was snapping photos

Some 1.5 hours of chit-chat and yummy food later, you could see we couldn't take another bite as everyone was lying back against the chair. Tummy full!

Clever Ramnish suggested we all head to the beach for some salsa after lunch - great idea! It was a beautiful sunny day today, just perfect for the beach :) Some of us went along with Ramnish over to Dicksmith's to buy a mini speaker for his ipod and met up with the others who where headed for Oriental Bay beach to chill and boogie. I love our salsa on the beach Sundays - 1 ipod, a mini speaker and off the salsa crowd goes bare feet dancing on sand, at times causing a crowd to gather or stop to watch us having heaps of fun. Photos taken at the beach:

The Asian peace pose!

Boys Ramnish and Christian getting their vitamin D

And here's lovely Annie :)

Dancing gafieira with Ramnish on bare feet

Hmm, that speaker didn't last very long - needed to be fully charged before use but nevermind, we've had a few cool dances. More to come as the weather gets warmer!

Liviu came to meet up with me around 2.30pm and we enjoyed the rest of the sunny day catching up over coffee. Haven't seen him in 2 weeks - much to chat about! It was an amazing Sunday spent in good company of friends in the sun :)


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