Another fully-packed week (31st August - 4th September 2009) a hectic week this has been! It has been both busy at work and in my social life!!

Attended the Network Night hosted by Rose Desmond from the Job Mentoring Service at the Multicultural Services Centre on Tuesday evening where job mentors and job seekers got together for an hour to discuss and swap ideas/experiences in finding and getting the a job. Tonight's topic was all about understanding a job description and how to mould your CV and cover letter to suit, a skill in the job-hunting process I'm still learning but also very familiar with so have lots of input towards the discussion. It was amazing to see the number of people who attended the session - 1/3 of the group of about 15 were job mentors from varies industries.

Before the session started, Rose had a brief chat with me with regards to the job seeker she intends to match me with. I read the name on the form and smiled - I already knew this job seeker! And before I could finish telling Rose how I met her, Paula walked in. Haha, my Brazilian girlfriend, Paula, was the potential job seeker! We ended up chatting most of the evening about the challenges she faced in her job hunt. It was as if I was re-living my previous experiences when I was in her situation. I gave her my contact details at the end of the evening - regardless whether or not I do end up as her job mentor, I'm more than happy to help her out where and when I can :)

Wednesday, yet another busy day in the office. Had a lovely lunch catch-up with Jonathan at Chow next door, went for a swim after work and burlesque class later in the evening. Learnt how to peel off gloves tonight with our teeth - very sexy :) My company had sent James off to Fiji for the week to work (damn!) so no catching up with him tonight after class. Despite being miles away, he's still contactable and already trying to talk me into showing him my new burlesque moves. Hmm, what do I get in return? :P

Worked in the office on Thursday - had too many meetings so pointless to work from home. Caught up with Chris for dinner at this new Korean restaurant on upper Dixon St called NewKor. Tried their spicy sizzling chicken and Bibimbap (a bowl of warm white rice topped with sauteed vegetables, chilli pepper paste 'gochujang', raw egg and mince meat) - not bad but I've had better Korean food in town. Cost $26.50 all up including a soft drink and 4 small complimentary side dishes. Headed over to Ernesto for a mochacinno (thanks Chris for shouting this one!), brief stop to see if Geoff was at JJ Murphy's (yes, Geoff's back in town after months working abroad) then went our own ways home.

Thought Friday would be a cruisy day at work? No way! Just so many issues at the office to deal with. Was glad I had made lunch plans with Rob so got out of the office around midday to meet up with him. Bumped into Stacey on the way to Thai House on Cuba Mall (another place I've not been before) and us three had a great time chit-chatting about our Asia travels over lunch. Poor Stacey's hurt her arm over the weekend and is now a 1-arm lady and going through physiotherapy :( No dancing for her - hope she gets well soon!

Come Friday evening, all I want to do is just get into my pajamas, eat junk in front of the TV and sleep early. That was what Priscilla and I ended up doing the last two Fridays - naughty but nice! After a week of talking me into getting a haircut (my hair is all poofy and according to my flatmate, badly needs a cut), Priscilla finally tracked down her hairdresser, Andres, to sort out my hair today.

Waited for Priscilla to come home from work (she wanted to tag along and see and give her 2 cents to the transformation) so made some peanut soup dessert while waiting for her to turn up. This dessert is a specialty at Fortuna Restaurant in my hometown, Batu Pahat, and always served with red bean Chinese pancakes. The peanut soup is easy to make - most of us already have the ingredients at home: peanut butter, sugar, cornflour, water and milk. Took me only 10 minutes to prepare it. Photos taken of my dessert:

Around 6pm, we headed to Si Salon Ltd on Customhouse Quay where Andres is currently based (he's closing shop and going to work in another hair salon). A humourous, flirty and quite hot-looking middle-aged Mexican man (he's happily married) who's a joy to be with. And he plays Latin music too - I first for me being in a Latino salon. He was the only person in the salon tending to the last 3 customers (me included) so while he was with another client, Priscilla and I kept ourselves entertained with our girly chats. He's so funny - asked me what hairstyle I would like and I said something sexy, bouncy and one that men would want to grab for and he lifted me off the chair in his arms and said "There you go - easy!". Hahaha! I like the way he treats his clients, giving them plenty of compliments and attention. It's no wonder Priscilla recommends him to all her gfs!

He trimmed off quite a chunk of my hair, layering them and getting rid of the untidy ends. My head feels SO much lighter now! Cost me $96 for the cut which was the standard price one would expect in this town. He finished off the cut by styling my hair into curls with a hair straightener and the end result made me look as if I came from a different era - vintage-looking. Pity us girls weren't going out into town so no showing off this evening :/

Left cheeky Andres around 8pm for dinner at Majestic Cuisine on Courtenay Place on the way home. Us girls have been discussing all the yummy food from Malaysia and Priscilla was craving eggplant cooked with salted fish and pork mince so decided to check out Majestic Cuisine to see if they served the dish and they did! Oh, it was yum and we were so full trying to polish off our 2 dishes. Cost $45 total for a pot of tea, rice to share, the eggplant dish and beef with spring onion and ginger dish. Slightly on the high-end scale for Chinese restaurants but very good food.

Oh, here are some photos before and after my session with Andres:

Bye-bye long locks...

I look as if from a movie set of some other era, hair in curls

One more photo before I wash it off!

Hmm, not used to having so little hair...will take awhile for me to get used to the new cut...

It's 11pm on Friday night and I can't sleep because the stupid next door neighbours are having yet another party. They have their stereo turned up so loudly that my room vibrates with the bass music. ARGH!!! I'll give them till midnight and then I'm calling the noise control people to shut down their party...


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