Sunday market and catch up with friends (23rd August 2009)

Was up at 9am to cook up the rest of my pancake mix before Scott popped over at 10am. The 2 of us were on a mini photograph expedition to the nearby markets this morning - him with his SLR camera and me, with my compact Canon digital camera. Great day to take photos because it's sunny outside!

We walked from my place over to the markets by Chaffers Dock. Priscilla suggested that we check out the City Market before heading to the Waitangi Park Market. But first, a brief stop at the pet store to check out what new puppies they have. Photos taken of Scott playing with a pup Jack Russell:

Come here little puppy...

Aww, someone's loving the tummy rub :)
After Scott had his fill of 'puppy love', we continued to the City Market located inside the Chaffers Dock building. I never knew there was a market in here on Sundays! If Priscilla didn't mention it, I probably wouldn't have known!! The City Market is like a compact food fair, showcasing a stellar line-up of local food and beverage producers together under one roof. Lots of food like jams, cheese, chocolate etc. to try out and it is a place that would bring a smile to food enthusiasts like Scott. There was even a live musician performing on site for the people wandering around the stalls. Lots to interesting things and colours to photograph and the two of us snapped away!

Hmm, I liked the saffron cheese at the Le Marche Francais stall - hard cheese that is salty with a hint of saffron. Looks as if eating a piece of pumpkin because of its colour. Went to look for Scott who was sampling some Esque fine chocolates. I had thought the lady at the stall was selling crafts because the chocolates were wrapped up and looked like floor tiles with artwork on them. Ops...Scott got me to try some chicken liver pate. The idea of liver made into a paste and just the taste of it makes me feel a bit weirded. Hmm, I don't know if I really like it...

More food sampling and photos...snap, snap, snap...Photos taken at the City Market:

Next stop, the Waitangi Park Market. This market has been here for as long as I can remember and is the place for you to buy your fresh produce for a reasonably cheaper price compared to the supermarkets (though you will need to be careful when selecting your fruits and veggies so not to pick one that is near rotten). Didn't end up buying anything here, just did a walk round then headed to check out the boat by the dock which sells fresh fish. It was rather cool to see people buying fish straight off a fishing boat and the guys in the boat were calling out to potential customers, asking them to check out their catch (some very huge fish, I must say). They will clean up the fish for you too. Photos taken at Waitangi Park Market:

That was our morning gone with our little fun trip to the markets. Caught up with Chad for coffee at Cubita around 12pm. I love catching up with these 2 boys - they are hilarious and I laugh so much with them. The two were experimenting with Scott's camera, using a serviette as a focus filter - the result? A rather vintage-looking photo of Chad drinking his coffee. The boys continued on with their silly antics, Scott taking photos of Chad making that face he usually does with a $5 note close for the camera shot. Yep, the same party trick he uses all the time and only he can do so because of his resemblence to the younger Sir Edmund Hillary. Photos taken of Chad by Scott at Cubita:

Looks like Chad's drinking through his nose

How you doin?

Chad's money shot - just look at the resemblence!!

Rest of my afternoon was spent chilling and sorting out my own things before heading over to James' at 5pm for our regular dinner and movie evening. James made roast beef tonight and it was YUM! He does the cooking while I provide the salad and movie - a nice way to end the week in good company :)


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