Reel Brazil series at the Film Archive (26th August 2009)

Reel Brazil is an organisation which aims to promote the Brazilian film industry in NZ and headed by Wellington-based Brazilian, Leandro. I've seen Leandro many times in my Brazilian social networks and events but we're merely acquaintances. He probably doesn't remember me since we've been re-introduced to each other so many times! He had left the country for awhile to work in Canada as a prodution manager at the Brazil Film Fest in Toronto and is now back in Wellington, busy getting us ready for the first Brazilian Film Festival in NZ!

As a bit of a teaser for the upcoming film festival, Reel Brazil is currently screening a series of documentaries at the NZ Film Archive on Taranaki St from the 26th - 29th of August. I've had a look at the line-up of documentaries screening this week and highly recommend you get yourself to the Film Archive to check them out. I've got myself and Liviu tickets for the closing night party and fundraiser screening for Saturday evening - not many tickets left so you better hurry!

I had the pleasure of volunteering at the opening screening tonight, thanks to Christian - he had already signed himself up as a volunteer for the event and forwarded me Leandro's details for me to find out if they needed more help pre-screening. Lucky me, Leandro said yes! Rushed over from work to the Film Archive and got there just before 5.30pm to help serve drinks to the movie-goers. It was fun working with Christian, and Lance and his crew who were mixing up Passionfruit Batidas (typical of Bahia region, this cocktail is a mix of passionfruit puree, cachaça and fruit juice on crushed ice). The Film Archive was very busy, bustling with people (quite a number of them I knew so got to catch up briefly which was nice), drumming by Wellington Batucada and us serving the cocktails courtesy of Cachaça 51.

The deal was 1 movie ticket = 1 drink, but with a few exceptions. I don't know if it's the drink or just the fact it was free that people want more - we met some interesting people trying to talk us into handing them a second drink. I had a lady come up to me to ask if she could have another because she's a Brazilian. Er, no...Christian and I also had to deal with a bunch of semi-drunk older folks who tried to pay us for another drink (sorry, not for sale) and the most outrageous had to be bringing in a bunch of kids who look too young to drink with a story of how far they have travelled here la-la-la. After about 5 minutes of this man rattling on, we gave him his second drink. Please don't come back! It was SO funny seeing our no-fear Christian cringe being the centre of attention of a very drunk lady who kept telling everyone that Christian was someone famous (or something like that since I was busy 'working' while he was surrounded by a group of very curious people). All in all, fun :)

God, you should see the people running towards the drinks table when Leandro said there were few left if anyone wanted seconds! I had to steer clear from them not to get pushed over!! Lance was quick enough to grab one for me - hmm, very refreshing and yummy. Barely tasted the alcohol but have a few more and trust me, you are gone!

Rush, rush, rush as usual. Left for home at 7pm for dinner and out again for my burlesque lessons. Halfway through the term now and still loving it!


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