Ladies' Night Out with Liz (27th August 2009)

Liz had won herself a prize for 2 to a ladies' night out event with the local radio station, Classic Hits. She's ALWAYS winning stuff - she often tells me about her recent winnings (and where she has been to) and I've had the pleasure of getting invited to a few movie events with her over the years. Her neighbour wasn't able to make it tonight so she asked if I wanted to come along for some nibbles, drink and a movie. Of course! I've not seen Liz for awhile so it was a good opportunity to spend the evening catching up with her too :)

We caught up at 5pm for dinner at Courtenay Central before heading upstairs to Reading Cinema's Gold Lounge at 6pm where the radio station crew and other female winners where there for the pre-movie drinks and nibbles. We were greeted by a very bubbly radio host, Camille, who was halfway getting her makeup done. Part of Liz's winning prize included a free makeup session for the winners by the talented make-up and hair artists from Hil Cook and Camille was getting her make-up done by Hil herself as we walked in.

Every winner was allowed to bring a lady friend and upon meeting Camille, each was given a small goodie bag filled with makeup and skincare samples from Dermalogica and Bobbi Brown. As we awaited Liz's turn for her makeup, we were served bubbly and a variety of finger food including fruits with chocolate sauce dip, chicken nibbles, small pies and fried dumplings. What a treat! We continued our chit-chat about the events in our lives and it was great to see Liz enjoying herself without her husband and kids for the night. I have never seen Liz in makeup before (she's always au naturel) so this was a first for me :)

Hmm, I don't remember when was the last time I hung out in a social event with all females. Highschool reunion, maybe? FYI, I came from an all-girls highschool. It was interesting to sit at the comfy lounge sofa, watching women getting their makeup done, the makeup crew running around to the cosmetic display table to find the right foundation or lipstick shade for the winners. As a friend of the winner, I got a makeup touch-up (they didn't have enough time to make everyone up) and lovely Laura came by with a few Bobbi Brown products to brighten my eyes and add colour to my lips. Photos taken tonight:

Liz getting her make-up done by Hil Cook crew

Bobbi Brown cosmetics on display

The radio host and other ladies enjoying themselves,chatting over food and bubbly

Me and Liz in makeup :)

Our evening proceeded with a romantic comedy, The Ugly Truth, at the Gold Lounge Cinema. I've never been to the Gold Lounge Cinema - this is so cool! The seats were Lazy Boys chairs and you could just sink into the plush seat and have your feet up! This has been an amazing evening - thanks so much Liz!


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