Glitterbomb Burlesque lessons (12th August 2009)

When James told me that Grace was teaching the new Level 1 Glitterbomb Burlesque class with Full Swing, I immediately signed up for the course! I met Grace through James and at my previous swing dance class (she was helping out as a lead) - an awesome woman with a bubbly personality and thrives in her vintage clothing dress style. She was the one who got James started with his vintage wardrobe! Her class is going to be heaps of fun :)

Cost me $60 for a block course of 6 weeks that occurs Wednesdays from 8.30-9.30pm. The class was formerly taught by a lady named, Michelle aka Ms Tittle-Tattle, so this was Grace's first time teaching the course. Oh yeah, Grace's burlesque name is Ms Busty la Belle - perfect! :) Hmm, I've got to think of one for myself too but what? Tried out random Burlesque name generators I found on the web and got names like "Ermine de Ville" and"Orange Blossom St. Andre". Not exactly what I had in mind...

Burlesque is a theatrical entertainment consists of comic skits, and more often than not, associated with striptease. There are a variety of reasons why one signs up for the course - you get to learn how to command an audience (one or many), boost confidence, body awareness and just bring that sex kitten out that you might not yet discovered (and your bf/partner would happily pay for your class, trust me). You know me, always up for something fun and interesting to add to my already colourful life experiences. And besides, no harm adding a few more male-teasing moves that I can pull out from my back pocket ;P

The course is limited to the first 30 females who register (yes, it's a women-only class) but there were only 8 of us tonight. Grace was all dressed up in a gorgeous black corset and matching skirt, garter stockings, heels, black gloves that covered up to her elbows, red lipstick - the whole shebang. She started off the class by showing us a dance routine to a slow 1920-30s jazz music with moves of what we will be learning in the coming weeks. Oh my god, is it hot in the studio or what? Grace totally got my attention! She was teasing the audience with her slow yet oh-so-sultry moves, guiding your eyes to focus on her face to her hands then her legs and her chest. Mesmerizing, making you want more. And let's not forget those big round eyes and long lashes with a come-hither look, and the occasional 'ops' or shy pose. She continued her number by stripping off her gloves with her teeth and all the way down to just her corset, underwear, garter stockings and heels! All in all an amazing show done by Grace and I'm so glad I made the right decision to come check out her class.

We learnt a bit of the history of burlesque, did a warm-up and learnt several moves tonight including how to present our hands, arms and legs, poses, how to walk and bend down, getting the right look etc. and finished with a warm-down. Grace was really good at breaking down the steps and showing us how it is done. Not all the girls in the class were brave souls, daring enough to let loose into a sexy character. Perhaps dimming the lights a bit might help, so that we can't see ourselves so clearly in the mirrors and sets the mood. Grace was great at encouraging us by setting an example - she taught the whole class in her corset and underwear!

Have to wear something that would show more of my legs next week to help with the moves. Heels are definitely necessary for class. I'm looking forward to see what's in store next week!


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