XT Launch Party & Samba Funk Quartet (11th June 2009)

I've been down with the cold again (damn it, damn it!) - was working from home Monday and Tuesday and still feeling all clogged up when I went back to the office on Wednesday. Frankly, I was not in the mood to party but what the hell? I needed to get out of the house and a pick me up from feeling so miserable and went along to the XT Launch Party hosted by my work on Thursday night at the Duxton Hotel. It was a party to celebrate the recent launch of our new mobile network and everyone who worked on the project was invited to the event. And yes, Telecom folks love costume parties and this one was no exception - we had to dress up as rock stars!

Headed back to Costume Cave to see what costumes they had left during lunchtime on Wednesday and walked out with a bag for items for the 80s cartoon character Jem from Jem and the Holograms. By now, I'm sure you would have guessed that I also wanted to be Jem (of the many possible characters I would like to be) which was how I ended up with the costume (coincidentally it fitted me) AND that I love to dress up. Oh yeah, I DO love dressing up...James and I laughed at the fact that my future boyfriend would be so lucky to have me hehe! Cost me $45 to rent the whole attire which included boots, tights, necklaces, a pink wig, pink top, belt and pink sunnies. Tried to look for a cheap microphone as a prop but ended up with a blown up guitar instead from the $2 shop. I had to make my own Jem red star earrings with cut out stars from red shimmer paper stuck together with blu-tack on an existing pair of earrings, and blu-tacked a few yellow stars to my black boots for a rocker look.

Left work a bit earlier so I can get dressed for the party. Urgh, it is so hard to fit the wig on when I've got so much hair! Hopefully the plaits would stay and the wig wouldn't fall off...hmm...The pink patch on my eye was drawn on with a peach-coloured lipstick so I would look like the cartoon character. Hmm, I kind of looked like a Barbie doll too...

Not many of my work colleagues were going to the party (some were not invited - the event was only open to those on the guest list) so had James accompany me to the party. Besides, I needed an escort what more with me and the pink wig. Didn't want to be heckled on my way to and fro the party. We headed over to Duxton Hotel around 5.30pm. I was getting a little worried as we didn't see anyone in costume on the way there. Oh no, I wouldn't want to be the only one in costume...We walked into the lifts in the hotel with a bunch of guys and one of them piped up saying "Thank god I didn't wear a costume" to which I retorted "It's ok - I love the attention" to the 5 other men stuck in the lift with us until the lift doors dinged open on the 6th floor. I could hear James snicker in the background :P

Woah, they were not kidding about the guest list - if you weren't on the list, you ain't going in! We got given an XT star keychain each on entry and like all Telecom parties, free flowing alcohol and food throughout the evening. Only 2 of my team mates were there and I hardly knew anyone except for the boys from James' team so hung out with them most of the night. Half the crowd seemed to be from Alcatel Lucent and everyone was in their little groups. Many people were dressed up so I didn't feel left out. Honestly, I'm not sure if people knew who I was and probably thought I was a Pink wannabe or an Asian rock star of sorts - didn't win a prize for my costume though :/ There were several awesome costumes - David Bowie, KISS, Freddie Mercury, The Beatles etc. Just shows how much us Wellingtonians are into dressing up!

Thanks to my work colleague, Mehrdad, I had the opportunity to take a photo with our big boss, Paul Reynolds. Wow, he really is tall! I only came up to his chest!! Spent the rest of my evening flitting around the place with James, taking photos with random strangers and dancing to the live band. Partway through the night, Mark ran off with my camera, again! Oh well, at least I'll be in the photos instead of the person taking the photos :) Go crazy, Mark! Photos taken at the party: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8070917@N05/sets/72157619615725361/detail/

Left with James for Havana Bar around 9ish to see Elaine's gig with Samba Funk Quartet. I was invited to her other gig on Tuesday but felt too ill to go so had to show up tonight - she has been giving me a hard time whenever I see her because I've not been to any of her recent gigs. Opsie...Didn't stick around for long as my feet were sore from all the dancing earlier. I was definitely an eye sore with my pink wig at Havana and surprised a few friends who were there including Claus who was back from his trip in Australia. "Wow, you look hot..." he whispered in my ear when I greeted him. "What did you say?" I asked and he whispered in my ear again exactly what he just said. I heard that the first time - I was just being cheeky getting him to say it again. Hahaha....Left with James around 10pm and he's such a gentleman walking me home. Photos taken at Havana: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8070917@N05/sets/72157619616111687/detail/


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