What a hectic week...(15th-19th June 2009)

All I want now is a break and just do NOTHING! I can't believe how hectic my week has been!! Work has been SO busy with me writing up this business report for the whole freaking week (and getting rather frustrated with it for the fact there's nothing wrong with the business process but the person carrying out the process). How am I supposed to propose a business solution when the problem is the person who asked me to analyse the business process itself???! Urgh...nevermind that, here goes my social calendar filling up with catch-ups with friends for coffees, lunches and dinners everyday of the week! Not that I mind - I do enjoy catching up with my dear friends but life is just so hectic at the moment AND I'm leaving for Malaysia in 2 weeks - still haven't sorted out stuff for my trip yet! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

After a long day at work on Monday, I headed off for a swim. Damn, haven't been exercising as much given the cold winter days and me having a cold. Just felt so grotty not getting enough exercise. Yuck. Anyway, did my 40-minute swim, had dinner and ran off over to James' to watch Transformers (cool flick actually). Was nice to chill out, snuggle-snuggle and have jet planes (I only like the white and purple ones) and ice-cream. Bliss!

Tuesday – another hellish day, hacking away on my work computer to draft this business proposal document. Shoot me, shoot me now! It's just a waste of my time writing up something that is of no business benefit! I just want to tear my hair and scream!! Was already in my pajamas at home in the evening when Scott rang me up to ask if I wanted to walk to Havana Bar together for Bill's birthday drinks. Ok, I'll come along – had been contemplating earlier whether or not to go but since I won't be seeing Bill until after my trip back from Malaysia, I had better make it tonight. Brr, SO cold outside!! Was quite glad I went to Havana. It was only a small crowd but it was nice to catch up, listened to Carlos' gig and had a few salsa dances while I was there for an hour. Home at 11.20pm. So need to catch up with sleep...

Wednesday, I caught up for lunch with Colm at Bambalina's Espresso Bar & Cafe off Dixon St. I've never been here before and frankly, it's a lovely little private place, ideal if you are planning to bring your lunch date here and the food was pretty cheap too. Couldn't believe it's only 2 weeks till both of us headed over to Malaysia (me back home, him to meet up with Kalwant on a group trip to the east coast)! Back to work and out again in the evening to meet Colm, Flo and Rachel for dinner at Fratelli's, a new posh Italian place on Blair St - another first for me! Flo and I have been trying to go to this restaurant several occasions for lunch but it was always closed. Nice food but be careful with your choice - I didn't understand what the ingredients were (didn’t recall they were in English) so ordered their bow pasta dish served with toasted almonds and walnuts, only to find it had so much blue vein cheese in it (and we all know I'm not a huge fan of cheese, more so blue vein). Oh well, better luck next time. The others enjoyed their meals so I will have to come back another time to try the other dishes. Everyone was feeling somewhat tired tonight and both Colm and Rachel were still nursing their cold so we decided to call it a night after dinner. Was great to see the gang – we haven’t caught up for the foursome dinner since our first one at Nicolini’s few months ago.

Thursday was another busy day at work, went to see my chiropractor (regular check-up, this time focusing on my left feet as I've somehow twisted a muscle/tendon while dancing some weeks ago and it throbs whenever I wear heels for too long) and caught up with my Saudi Arabian friend, Eid, at Mojo on Kent Terrace for coffee during lunchtime. Eid used to be Helbert's flatmate and since he (Eid) moved out, I've hardly seen him except the odd occasion where we'll bump into each other in town. It was good to finally do this coffee session and brought each other up to speed with the events in our lives :)

Back to work then got a phone call from Damien around 4pm asking me for a favour to drive him across town to get some paperwork done as his car was at the garage getting serviced. Ah yes, our dear Damien is back in town for a few days before he shoots off to Ireland to start his new life in land of St Paddy’s. He has been so good at planning his vacation and left everything else to the last minute, and now finding himself having to run all over the place sorting things out (I just rolled my eyes at him). Not exactly the way I imagined our farewell catch up to be with me driving him all over town and us catching up as I drove. Popped over to Mediterranean Food Warehouse in Newtown for a quick hot chocolate (note to self to check out their food here next time), rushed home before 6pm so that I could meet up with the person collecting an item I sold on TradeMe, then out again by 7pm to Chris' house for dinner and DVD with him and Dvita. Dinner was awesome - Chris made us vegetarian Thai green curry served over lemon rice which was so yummy and we just chilled watching old reruns of Flight of the Conchords.

Thank god it's Friday and I've FINALLY finished that darn document (now just needed my work colleague to review it before getting it signed off)! Caught up with Kirsty for coffee – haven’t seen her since she left us. Left work early to Volunteer Wellington on Willis St for an interview. Decided that it was about time to get back to volunteering again as I’ve not done so for awhile plus adds skills and experience to my CV as well as an opportunity to meet new people. I used to help out at the Volunteer Wellington centre when I first graduated from university and in 2005, taught ESOL to a new migrant for a few months. I didn’t quite understand why I had to come in for an interview since I was already in the database – according to my interviewer (another volunteer), I will have to come in every time I see a volunteer job vacancy of interest posted on their website. Ok…anyway, left with 2 potential volunteer jobs which I’ve to get in touch with the organisations this week (I would only be starting the job after my return from Malaysia). Wish me luck!

Rush, rush, rush (seriously, I need more hours in a day!)!! Home to shower and change then out again to meet Sonja for dinner at Satay Kampung around 6.30pm. We haven’t had a proper catch up for awhile so it was great to finally make the time to catch up. Headed over to Southern Cross Bar for Fete de la Musique after dinner. Oh my god – this was the first time I’ve ever seen the place SO packed! I had thought it was the usual music gig but this was a music festival with 3 stages set up and different international bands playing and cultural performances in half hour slots at each stage. Damien was having his farewell drinks there as well tonight. Hmm, perhaps not the best suggestion to him given the amount of people here (makes it hard to hear anyone). Flitted around the venue and caught up with many familiar faces who were also there tonight. I was only there to see Samba Funk Quartet and Brazealand – had an awesome time dancing samba with Davi and friends, and later forro dances with Javier and Andrea (oh yeah, Andrea and I totally burned the dance floor, us two girls dancing forro together and she leads very well). Photos taken at Southern Cross tonight: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8070917@N05/sets/72157620024701106/detail/

Left around 9.30ish for Salsadrome at Wellington Performing Arts with Chris and Dvita. Had a few dances but really wasn’t in the mood to dance (was just tired). I found it quite amusing when Ramnish asked me why haven’t Scott and I started dating when I was texting Scott to come over. Yeah, I know – Scott and I are both single, we are nice people, hang out a lot and get along well but we’ve had this conversation before – even if we were to date, it wouldn’t be an ideal relationship where we were attracted to each others and passionately in love but one that would work out because we were genuinely nice and respected one another. Besides, we’ve a great friendship going on so there is no good enough reason to change that – one thing I’ve learnt from my experience in relationships is that if you plan to date or have anything romantic with someone from within your current social group, make sure you are prepared for any consequences should things not work out because guess what? You two will still have to see each other in social gatherings and if things ended bitterly, it would be awkward for the two, even for their friends. Best still to date someone outside the group, I say.

Dvita took off shortly after we arrived leaving me and Chris behind so the 2 of us headed over to New Orleans Dinner Club to the Wellington Heads gig. I knew James was there with the swing crowd so got Chris to come along for him to see what swing was like. Had a cocktail while watching the crowd dance to the live band and had a fun dance with James to finish off my night. And James, a darling as usual, walked me home at midnight when the gig finished, arms linked together :)

5th night in a row I’ve been out…I so need a break…I SO NEED A BREAK!


  1. So, Volunteer Wellington Centre! What voluntary work would you be most happy to do for the society? Was that what you wanted to do in life?


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