Stacey's housewarming - Land of the Rising Sun (7th June 2009)

Caught up with Scott over breakfast at Caffe Lafarre this morning. We were both invited to Stacey's housewarming costume party tonight so had to find costumes for ourselves today. Stacey's housewarming was themed Land of the Rising Sun which meant we could go as anything Japanese. Honestly, I haven't given it much thought and went to Costume Cave with Scott with no idea what I wanted to dress up as (he was looking for a ninja costume, found one to suit and really looked the look!). Hmm, the geisha costume is too large...anime seems about right but they didn't have any specific Japanese cartoon character in full suit...hmm, what about a Japanese school girl outfit? Oh yeah, I've ALWAYS wanted to dress up like a Japanese school girl - cute and innocent yet so naughty hehe... :P Cost me $15 to rent a blue school tie, a short blue school skirt and knee-high white socks. All I needed was a white shirt and ta-da! Oh, and maybe figure out how to tie up my hair :) Pity no proper school shoes so have to make do with whatever I had.

Back home to grab my swim gear and headed off for a swim. Caught up with Rosel and Ron for coffee and a walk along Oriental Parade in the afternoon. Ron's going away abroad for 3 months so it was nice to catch up before he took off. Rosel came home with me to watch me cook dinner and kept me company till I had to get ready for the party. Will catch up again when you come back from Oz, hun!

Rush, rush, rush! Shower, put on the costume, f^%k - can't get this tie right, now need to fix up this eyeliner blotch -ARGHHHHHHHHH! Still need to plait my hair!! Breathe, baby, breathe...Got myself all done minus the tie which I just couldn't figure out how to get it right, then headed over to the Tasting Room on Courtenay Place to see James, only to find he wasn't there. James, where ARE you??! Urgh, nevermind. Instead of looking like an idiot waiting for James to 'appear' after 10 minutes, I headed over to Hummingbird around 7.45pm for a beer with my friend, Greg, who was up again from Christchurch. Greg was out with his Welly mates and it was nice to see him again. The last time I saw him was when he was here for the Sevens in February. Hehe, we were laughing at the fact that everytime he catches up with me, I'm always in a costume of some sort. I know! What a coincidence :) I had to ask the boys to help fix up my tie - all I needed was a loosen up tie and the boys did a good job helping me tie one. I wasn't going for the 'proper' look, if you know what I mean *wink* Oh, and I was getting the looks from people in the bar. Wondered what went through the minds of these older men and women who were there...Scott was too chicken to come out to meet me at the bar and said I could have all the attention to myself. Whatever :P

Popped my head to the local dairy to get 2 Chuppa Chups - yes, I needed the lolly as my prop for my Japanese school girl look ;) Turned out James was in the Malthouse and gave me the wrong location. Too bad, no time to hang out now. Around 8.30pm, Scott and I carpooled up to Vogeltown to where Stacey was living. Wow, she and her flatmates did a fabulous job decorating the whole house to suit the theme! Japanese signs with English meanings on the doors to the different places in the house, little Japanese (or Asian) decorations everywhere and she even made sushi for the guests! Oh, and they made this lovely apple-green tea and peach schnapps punch that tasted so refreshing. Yum...

It was still quiet when we got there and Scott had the pleasure of welcoming guests into the house in full ninja flare. Almost everyone who came to the party got dressed up and we took so many crazy photos. Scott's mask was actually a tied up black t-shirt (you can Google this for tying instructions) and he was being all silent like ninjas do while friends tried to guess endlessly who he was. He couldn't speak since we would all know it was Scott in his American accent :) Stacey's flatmate, Jayne, was also dressed up as a Japanese school girl but she was an evil one, the character Crazy 88, from the Kill Bill movie (yes, she does have a chain with a sickle at the end of it...scary!). Dan absolutely cracked us up when he walked in all donned up as a geisha - he walked and moved like one too, which made us laugh even harder! Oh dear me, the tears in my eyes!!

From the kitchen, we could hear some of the girls crooning away to songs on the SingStar in the karaoke room (I'm not a fan of karaoke). Some of the singing was, well, how do I put it, a bit off key. More drinks anyone? A few of us headed into the living room for some salsa dancing and I must say I was impressed at how Dan managed to dance a whole song with me in his Japanese clogs. Hahaha! Vanessa, another teacher from Full Swing, was also there tonight so we did a swing number together and watch her and partner, Murray, dance a full song. They looked awesome doing all the cool swing moves!

Left around 12.30am with Scott back into town. Thanks Stacey for having us here tonight - it was good fun :) Had Scott drop me off in town and went to find James who was in Madame Jojo's with his friends on a stag night out. What??! You didn't tell me your were in a STAG do!! I am SO going to kill you if I get anyone asking me which agency I came from. Me and my costume in a stag do just gives such a wrong idea...Argh, someone groped my butt! JAMES!!!! James had to play the protective boyfriend, taking my hand and dragging me past the crowd but that didn't stop random strangers trying their hands on my tush. Sheesh! I've got a cute tush, I know, but ask permission first! Grr...

Left James with his boys who were bar-hopping around town and went to catch up with Greg who was at Lagerfield. The two of us went to Boogie Wonderland for a margarita (hmm, don't like the salt rim with the drink) and had several fun dances to the cheesy 80s music which made me laugh heaps. Really Greg, I wouldn't believe you are a salsa dancer because you dance like a ceroc dancer! I could feel eyes watching us as we danced - has to be my costume AND our awesome dancing ;) Dancing at Boogie Wonderland is also a tradition for me and Greg when he comes down to Wellington (other than me in costume haha!). Bid Greg farewell around 2.30am and headed for home. Photos taken of my night out:


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