More catch-ups with friends (20th - 21st June 2009)

Hmm, another yucky Saturday but I MUST get out of the house and go for a swim! Did my 1km swim and felt so good after that :)

I had all intentions to bake a cake for the potluck dinner tonight at the Tay's (I've not done any baking since I moved to my flat in Mt Vic) but Damien rang me up about 12.30ish asking if I could pop over to his place earlier as he needed help with his packing. Oh dear, the poor fella must be all frantic right now having only today to sort out all his stuff. Fine, I'm such an amazing friend so I'll come over to help :P Did a stop at Caffe Lafarre to grab us both takeaway coffees as promised and a quick stop at Miss Wong to pick up a farewell gift for him - bought him a T-shirt with his suburb, Newtown, printed on. Hope it fits ;) Miss Wong is a little boutique located on College St and known to stock this particular brand of T-shirts called In Ya Neighbourhood - you can buy a T-shirt of most suburbs in Wellington from ths shop. I'll have to come back to get one myself!

Oh my god...Damien's place was a mess! He had stuff covering his whole living room floor and there's still SO much to sort out!! Why did you leave everything till the last minute??? Tsk, tsk! Alright, chop, chop, where do you want me to start? For the next 3 hours, I helped the man sort out his packing and took pleasure giving him grief for being so disorganised. Having done a major move like this 3 times in 8 years, I'm now a 'professional' when it comes to packing. I took no excuses or nonsense from Damien when he started to give me reasons why an item should be kept - I went through all his clothes, holding them up one by one, giving him 10 seconds to decide to keep or donate them. "But I got that from blah-blah...," he would start. "No buts. Keep or not," I cut him off. When you pack last minute, you have to be heartless with your possessions and only take/keep what is really necessary. Damien probably hasn't seen this 'heartless' side of me but Helbert has when I helped him pack up for Brazil in February. Hmm, I should consider being a professional packer to these last minute packers as a part-time job...Time ticked by and more friends came over to help Damien pack. He's really fortunate to have such great friends working together to help him out. I had to leave them around 4.30pm as for the dinner. Oh, I'm going to miss you SO much! Take care my dear friend, best wishes and promise me you'll keep in touch!! Couldn't help but felt sad that Damien's leaving us. Sigh...

Back home to shower and out again by 6pm to grab a few items from the supermarket then headed off to Uncle David's place in Brooklyn for dinner get-together with the regular gang. Everyone was here tonight, catching up over another feast of delicious food and drinks. Congratulations to Jane and Urwin who got engaged! So happy for you too!! Always eating and drinking too much, laughing and having a great time with the company :) Left for home around 11pm as I've to be up early Sunday to put out flyers in my suburb.

What flyers, you ask? Well, you know me, always up for new things/experiences and thought it would be interesting to put out flyers for a bit of pocket money. I read in the local papers of an article of this man who 'hung himself up' for 5 hours as a publicity stunt to promote his website Perkjobs - he definitely got the word out there, since he was featured on the front page of the Dominion Post AND got me looking up the website! The website was a free site for people to post or find odd jobs all around NZ. Yes, that was how I found the flyer distributor job - I emailed the person who posted it and it turned out to be the man himself! So I agreed to distribute 500 flyers promoting the website for Dan (the owner) for $35. It wasn't much money but it was ok - got me out of the house walking up and down the hilly roads in Mt Victoria for 2 hours putting out the flyers which was a great alternative to my normal exercise routine plus I got to explore my suburb a bit. Never knew most of the roads led up to walks to the viewing point of Mt Victoria. See? Learnt something new everyday :) Though I have to admit, distributing flyers ain't an easy job in hilly Wellington (and thank god I wasn't cased by dogs). Not too sure I would pick up a job like this again, perhaps try out something else.

Oh, and did I mention to you that Dan was quite cute? I've never really thought Kiwi guys were hot but when Dan turned up at my front door on Wednesday evening to pass me the flyers, I thought "Where the HELL have you been hiding all this while?!". Honestly, I had expected Dan to be an older version of Bob the Builder, not a young man with the right height, good looks, bright eyes, amazing smile, soothing voice and just a great personality. I had given up hope in finding a guy like this in this town - hahaha, I was secretly checking him out while he stood at my front door, telling me all about his website and possible next publicity stunt (I told him to consider hanging himself on the bus). I mean, what were the chances of me randomly meeting a guy like that? James told me ask Dan out when I told him of my bizarre, out-of-this-world incident. James, you little devil, you :P Besides, guys like him would have been already taken! Well, least that put a smile to my week's hecticity (still drooling haha...).

Caught up with Mareike for coffee at Cubita at 2pm. I met her when I was travelling in Chicago in 2007 and now she's here exploring NZ. Was so lovely to catch up and boy did she make me feel like taking off travelling again! The rest of the day was spent chilling out at home, doing some reading, having me-time. Really needed that before another hectic week ahead.


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