Freeze! & jazz at New Orleans Dinner Club (5th June 2009)

I've on several occasions talked to friends about participating in flash mobs, a large group get-together in a public place to perform an action for a brief period of time, then disperse. When Alicia sent me a link via Facebook of Freeze NZ, I was all geared up for the event. This was exactly something like a flash mob, with the only difference that it had a purpose - for a united action on climate change. Why freeze? Well, as we are all aware, global warming is upon us but nobody wants to make a move to make the change. Just like freezing, freezing on your own is scary but when you do it in a group, it gets easy and this is how climate change should be.

At 1pm today, people across New Zealand 'froze' for 5 minutes. Anyone can take part and you can freeze in anyway you please: hugging, mid-stride, kissing, eating etc. Pretty much anything! I took Dvita along with me during our lunch break to Grey St where the 'freeze' was held and we stood there for 5 minutes in a mid hi-5. There was a lady on a trumpet and a man on a saxaphone who both blew into their instruments to start and end the 'freeze' period (and they had to freeze too!). People were scattered all around Grey St (Lambton Quay end) and several others across the traffic lights from where we stood. It was SO cool to be part of this event even though my arm was sore holding my right hand still for 5 minutes. From the corner of my eye, I could see pedestrians walking past, some unaware of what was happening (could see their puzzled looks), others taking photos and videos of the whole thing. Unfortunately I couldn't take any photos on my camera since I'm part of it :) Toooooooooooo! And everyone unfroze, hugged and shortly dispersed. AWESOME! Photos taken pre- and post-freeze:

Here's a video clip on YouTube of the event:

Back to work and us girls caught up with Colm and Flo for drinks after work at General Practioner at 6pm. Ah, I needed a drink - it has been a long week and was nice to just chill out with good friends to end the work week. Dvita and Colm were up to their usual misfits and this was the result of it with Dvita's hairband:

I have no words to describe Colm's coconut tree hairstyle...and he had it on the whole time we were around for drinks! Absolutely no shame!! :P

Left the group around 8pm for home, whipped up something quick for dinner before James popped in to see me around 9pm to chill and waited for me to get ready to head out with him to see band Wellington Heads play at New Orleans Dinner Club tonight. I wasn't up for dancing but didn't mind enjoying the jazz band over a glass of wine. Most of the swing dance crowd were there tonight and surprisingly much friendlier to me than my last experience at Happy Feet. Hmm, I wondered if it had anything to do with the alcohol or just the location but I had a good time being in company of nice people and watched them dance to the wonderful music. Was feeling tired so left around 11ish for home. Photos taken at New Orleans Dinner Club:


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