STOMP 09 (31st May 2009)

It has been a crazy, busy week (flew up to Auckland for the day for work, lots of catching up with friends, the usual swimming, yoga etc) and I'm quite glad it's a long weekend this week! Better still, Scott had organised a group of us to see STOMP 09 - yay! I've seen STOMP during my travels in New York in 2007 but according to the promotional ads, this show will be fresher, faster and funnier. Can't wait!

Had yum cha for brunch at Regal with Scott, Barbara and Colm at 11am. Caught up with Yvonne and Alicia around 1pm at St James Theatre before the show started. Cost $80.50 per person for a stall seat in the 1 hour 40 minute show with no interval. The show was exactly the same as I remembered it though parts of it were indeed faster and funnier. I STILL loved it - so much energy and sound made on normal day-to-day household items. Haha, Colm suggested we all head to Mitre10 (local handyman store) around the corner to get ourselves some tools and start our own garage STOMP band! It would have been awesome if they held workshops where we got to play with the kitchen sink, rubbish bin lids and massive tyres for the day - I'm DEFINITELY in for that!


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