Quiet evening with the boys (15th May 2009)

Claus and I decided to watch a film tonight titled 8, one of the several movies featured in the Human Rights Film Festival 2009 held from the 7th-15th of May at Paramount Theatre. But first, a quick bite at Sweet Mother's Kitchen before the film - shared a plate of quesadillas (Mexican-style toasted sandwich made with flour tortillas served with salsa and guacamole) and curly fries since neither of us was feeling really hungry.

At 6pm, we headed over to see the film with 2 of his work colleagues, Jono and Liviu. 8 was an interesting film about the Millennium Development Goals, pieced together by 8 short films of 8 different directors on their free and personal vision of the world. Some of them were rather sad, showing how harsh life can be for some parts of the world. It was quite a long film, 100-minutes long. This was the 2nd human rights film I've seen in the festival - went to see Flying On One Engine last Sunday with Damien which was about this partially paralysed and ill plastic surgeon, Dr Dicksheet (sorry but I cringe everytime I hear the surname), conducting marathon surgeries for children with a cleft lip so they could live better lives. I'm amazed at the number of children born with cleft lip in India and glad they have someone like Dr Dicksheet to help them. Though Dr Dicksheet was a bit of a dick/shit, to say that he was more deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize (he had been nominated 8 times) than Mother Teresa or Al Gore, saying the former got other people to clean up the children and latter didn't change the world's temperature 1 degree. I didn't think that was a very noble thing to say...

We stayed behind for the Q&A session after the film and it was interesting to hear the what the panel speakers had to say in response of the questions thrown at them by the audience. Part of me wonders if the world can really achieve the goals by 2015 - I think it would be a huge challenge to do so. Some countries are just way too corrupt to allow for changes for the better.

Left at 8.30pm to Zibibbo for another Wellington Singles Club event, this time a Masquerade Party. Everyone had to wear a mask (bring your own or buy one with the the club) - I got mine from the $2 shop :) Boys Claus and Liviu came along with me to meet Scott who was already there. I was a bit shocked to see the number of people at the event - even though the venue was much smaller than Rain where several of us attended their premiere event, it had the same dreary vibe to it. One look and boys Claus and Liviu said there weren't going in. I had no choice but to hang out to accompany Scott who had paid $35 for his entry fee. We chatted to the organisers and gave them our 2 cents about the event. I had my free champagne and took off with Scott about 9pm. Seriously, none of my single friends would ever come along to any events held by this club again after yet another disappointing night. Not so much disappointment that we didn't meet the man/woman of our dreams but more so that we weren't even interested to get to know other people in the crowd. Something just didn't felt right.

Managed to catch up with Claus and Liviu who were playing pool at Cue Room so Scott and I joined them for a few doubles game. I didn't know how to play pool but with beginners luck, me and Claus won a few games. Oh, I never knew Scott could play pool so well! Oh yeah, when he starts, you can grab a chair and take a seat - he doesn't seem to stop sinking the pool balls into the pockets!

Said my goodbyes to the boys and headed home about 10.30pm after a somewhat uneventful night. I really wonder, is the dating scene in Wellington so bleak? Just because I do not fancy going to a bar to drink on my own in hope some man will chat me up, or attend dating events, does that mean I'm not going to find a man in this town? Hmm...


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