The last Best of the Fest (21st May 2009)

WAAHHHHHHHHH! I'm now $600 poorer after seeing the dentist to finish off my crowning!!!

Had my usual samba lesson - still need to work on my co-ordination. The feet and hips sometimes just wouldn't do what my head tells them to - urgh!

Kim caught a ride with me into town to do our groceries and we were catching up as I drove. Was telling her about the events of my life and she turned around and said to me "You are ready to date again." You know, sometimes there are moments in my life where I feel everything comes to a standstill like a movie frame and you get one of those Matrix-like s-l-o-o-o-w motion. But in this instance, I felt as if for those few seconds when she said those words, it was like my sensei or Jedi master telling me I'm ready to fight the enemy, with one hand firm on my shoulder as the words were spoken. And this was exactly what went through my head at that moment, not really thinking about what she was actually saying!

Anyway, so here she tells me that I need to break away from my group get-togethers - not saying I should stop hanging out with them but to leave the group once and awhile, and just sit alone with a drink by the bar and wait. Apparently guys are intimidated to talk to a girl swhen they are in a group and it is also quite hard to tell if she is single or not. Hmm, a few of us singles, guys and girls alike, had thought about that before but not really made an effort to single ourselves out when together. According to Kim, I need to give it some time too, about 10-15 minutes on my own before I walk back to my group. And if I saw any interesting men within view, that I should look them in the eye and give them a flirting smile, and they will come over to chat if interested. It always works for her and she wanted me to test it out and tell her how it went the next time I see her. Okay...I would have to find an opportunity to do that...hmm...

Caught up with Bronwyn and her flatmate, Amanda, at San Francisco Bathhouse around 9.20pm. Bronnie asked me if I wanted to check out the last Best of the Fest and I thought, oh well, why not? We didn't dare ask the others to come in fear it would be another terrible show. Got ourselves a table this time and enjoyed the show over a round of drinks. The MC tonight was Australian comedian, Mickey D, who was very funny but drank so much! There was a bottle of Jagermeister on the table on stage and every comedian who came up would help themselves to a shot or two. Mickey D would just go back for more in between his jokes! Oh and he was good at dealing with heckles alright...

Tonight's comedians were all local NZ comedians. We had Sarah Harpur, Jerome Chandrahasen and Cori Gonzalez-Macuer for the first half. Sarah Harpur played a ditzy Kiwi musician from small town Dannevirke, rather light comedy. Jerome was funny, him acting out a list of things he had written down in his notebook, in a slight drunken stupor - I've danced with him several times in my swing dance class but he never told me he was a comedian. And Cori, he did a repeat of what he did last week which made me think how do these comedians cope with saying the same jokes over and over again for all their shows, possibly the whole freaking year, and still need to make the audience laugh? Cheers to you folks for a job well done!

Diane Spencer and Jan Maree were up after the interval. We sure have more female comedians tonight! Diane was a gorgeous British redhead that would shock you and make you laugh heaps at the things that comes out from that sweet, innocent mouth of hers. And Jan Maree was fabulous! Our Kiwi own version of Janey Godley, no holds barred with swear words flying out, so provocative but she made me laugh till I cried with her story about the lady that does her waxing. Such a pity I missed both their shows this year - will need to make a mental note to see these ladies in their next comedy show.

Wow, this was a very late night for us with the show ending at 1am. But I'm glad we came out to do this, Bronnie :) Thank god it's Friday tomorrow!


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