Healthline photo shoot (4th May 2009)

Took the morning off work today for another photo shoot, this time for new brochures of the local free 24-hour health helpline, Healthline. I love photo shoots – less work hours, I get made up and paid more than playing extra roles :)

Had to get up early to drive out to a private residence in Tawa (about 25 minutes by car) where the photo shoot was taking place. My call time was at 8.30am which was rather early. Couldn't sleep much the night before as I was still contemplating whether to drive or train to Tawa. Me, the city girl, dislikes travelling to the suburbs – fear of getting lost and end up late (has happened to be before)! But with proper planning (leaving home at 7.30am) and Google maps, I got there with no problems and still had a bit of time to spare despite traffic delays on the way.

I was the first of several people of different age and ethnicity here today for the shoot. The crew were all very lovely and jovial for a Monday morning. For the first shoot, I had to put on my flannel pajamas and got made up to look as if I had a really bad cold – the make-up artist made my eyes red-rimmed and nose looking sore from blowing it too much. “Oh no, you've got the swine flu!” some of the crew members teased when they checked out my make-up. I really did look sickly when I saw myself in the mirror...poor me!

The first part of my photo shoot was taken in a bedroom, where I was sitting on the bed with my lower half under the comfy duvet, tissue box nearby, scrunched up tissues on bed and me chatting away on a mobile phone. The next set of photos were taken in the kitchen, still on the mobile phone with a glass of water in one hand. Now, with photo shoots, I'm always given a list of items to bring along and they requested I brought along a sleeping robe. I didn't own one so got a cheap, gawdy red robe from a garage sale for $5 - couldn't believe that the camera crew thought it was perfect and had me put it on top of my flanel PJs! So there I was, yakking away on the mobile to some imaginary person (and they had me standing on top of a foot stool to add height haha!) and more snap-snap.

As the hours passed, more people turned up for the shoot. My final shoot was taken in the dining room, this time all healthy and happy, on the phone and having a cup of coffee. The whole shoot probably took about 2 hours and I had heaps of fun :)

Back to work and around 4pm, I went to see my dentist to get a crowning done for one of my back molars. Cost me $600 today for my first appointment where the dentist 'prepared' my teeth (another $600 to go in 2 weeks to complete the job). I was given anaesthetic so I wouldn't feel any pain, and for the next hour, the dentist did his magic, drilling away (urgh, I cringe when I hear those zher-zher drilling sounds), taking a mould of my teeth and fixing a temporary cap until my new porcelain cap arrives. My earnings from the photo shoot today would not be enough to cover this dent in my pocket :( Maybe I should have studied to be a dentist though I'm not sure I enjoy looking into people's mouth everyday. Hmm...


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