Eurofest 2009 & roast dinner at Chris' (17th May 2009)

Caught up with Scott for brunch this morning by Chaffers Marina before heading over to TSB Arena for EuroFest 2009. It was gold coin entry to the exhibition, showcasing everything European from cultural performances to food, arts and crafts, even travel information. We didn't stick around for long but took a walk along all the stalls, sampling free food if any (I was too full from brunch to buy anything) and took pictures. The Germany stall was most fun where we had a short German lesson with the nice German lady manning the stall - she was showing us all the different coloured pins she had with German words on them, translating them for us as we pointed out the words. I took the Prost! pin (we could take as many as we wanted) - 'prost' means cheers in German :) Photos taken at EuroFest:

On the way back to our respective homes, we bumped into several friends we knew. Stopped by briefly at Jimmy's Cafe to interrupt Willy-John who was chilling out in the sun, reading his book. Back home to chill and around 6pm, Tim came to pick me up, headed to pick up Dvita and drove over to Chris' place on Talavera Terrace for roast dinner. This must be my lucky week, having 2 guys cook dinner for me :) Chris was such a great host, making us bread dips and falafels to start, followed by his family roast beef recipe served with salad and roast veggies. Yum! Thanks for having us around for dinner, Chris! Look forward to another round ;) It was nice to catch up with the gang as well, especially Tim whom I hardly see these days (he's always hopping from one country to another for business). The rest of the evening was us chilling out at Chris' over ice cream and a movie. A nice way to end the week :)


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