Colm's and Kim's double birthday bash (2nd May 2009)

Another year has passed and it’s Colm’s and Kim’s birthdays again. The two had another joint birthday celebration this year and invited a large group of us to dinner at this evening at New Orleans Dinner Club on Allen St. The two had been there beforehand to test out the food and given us their thumbs up. If Kim says the food is good, they must be so since she comes from Louisiana. I’m looking forward to dinner – my first time there! But first up, a cool birthday gift from me to my 2 awesome friends :)

You would never guessed what I came up with…I told the two that I was taking them on an ultimate adrenaline ride on the Bungy Extreme on Taranaki St. And they were so excited, like 2 kids told they were going to Disneyland! The Bungy Extreme is an open capsule (like a metal ball) connected to two 40-metre high towers on bungy cords, where up to 3 people can be strapped on, catapulted 55 metres into the air at speeds of up to 160kmph in less than 2 seconds.

“You must be insane!” I hear you cry. Honestly, I was scared as hell (I’ve never done it before but the two misfits have) and just hours before the 3 of us met up to do the ride, I started asking myself why on earth did I even suggested doing the bungy! Well, you see, one of the things on my list of things to do for 2009 is to organise a group of people to do the Bungy Extreme together. This was a good opportunity to do so plus it was a gift of a shared lifetime experience rather than something material.

We met at the venue at 6pm. Oh my god, oh my god, OH MY GOD!!! I could feel my heart beating so fast against my ribcage. This is CRAZY!! But I can’t back down now so let’s do it! Cost me $90 for all 3 of us to go on the ride. Unfortunately the video recorder wasn’t functioning so we couldn’t get a DVD record of our experience. We’ll just have to use photogenic memory then :/

The 3 of us were told to remove anything that might fall off and Kim and I to tie our hairs back so it wouldn’t get in the way. I had thought given both Colm and Kim has done this before, they wouldn’t be as jittery as me but oh, you should look at their faces – fear, written all over 3 of our faces! Yet we acted cool and were egging each other as the operator of the bungy strapped us on with the harness. WHAT??! Just this seat belt looking harness??? Oh my god…We were told to hold on to the straps but not the yellow parts (and why is that? Ok, I don’t even want to know…) and I could see the horror in Kim’s eyes. Too late now, sweetheart – we were all ready to launch. The operator asked if we wanted a countdown or a surprise launch and the birthday duo shouted in unison “countdown!”. Ok…5…4…3…2…AAAAAAAAAAAARGGHHHHHHHHHH!!! We scram so loudly as we bounced up and down in the gigantic ball that swivels as it moves – I’m not surprised we woke up the whole of Courtenay Place at 6pm hehe... :P Happy Birthday, you two!!

As we were slowly lowered down to ground, we had an amazing night view of Courtenay Place – the night lights were beautiful :) Oh, we had SO MUCH FUN! I want to do it again!! Sharon, Kim’s flatmate, who witnessed the whole thing, said she could hear our screams echoing as we catapulted up. Haha!

“I think this should be the new trend for anyone celebrating their birthdays – bungy first then party!” said Kim and Colm, as we walked to Lagerfield for pre-dinner drinks. Hmm, I think that’s a fabulous idea, me being the trendsetter ;P Hehe…the adrenaline kick will keep us buzzing as the night officially begins!

About 7pm, we headed over to New Orleans Dinner Club to catch up with the others who were there for the birthday dinner. Lots of catching up friends over drinks before we sat on the long table reserved for us. Very nicely set out and Colm and Kim had balloons at their table – so cute!

Oh yeah, the theme of their birthday was “Dress to Impress” and everyone definitely put on the best outfits for the dinner. I threw a few items together and got a little mischievous – I had on a short, sexy dress with thigh-high socks, heels and a hat. Hmm, I’m sure the combination would make quite a statement tonight hehe….All I needed was a pimp stick to complete my look :P

Kim insisted that everyone had to try a Hurricane cocktail tonight. It is a popular cocktail in New Orleans made up of lime juice, passion fruit syrup and rum, one of those you can drink many in succession. Yum!

I DEFINITELY recommend that you come here for dinner. The food was AMAZING!! And outrageously HUGE! I had their buffalo wings with bleu cheese dressing as an entrée which was enough to feed 2-3 people. Thankfully I ordered a small Authentic New Orleans Gumbo Ya Ya served over rice for my main – hearty, rich gumbo that makes a great winter warmer meal. I loved it! Scott, who was sitting next to me, had hushpuppies for entrée and pork tenderloin for main and I got to sample some of his food (plus a bit here and there from the others nearby since most of us couldn’t finish our own meals). I still think mine were much nicer...This is the type of place you want to come with your partner and order an item each from the entrée, main and dessert menu to share. There was no way I could fit in dessert – I couldn’t even finish my entrée! Hmm…I’ve made quite a mess eating those chicken wings with my hands…opsie…

We were entertained as we dined by a local jazz band lead by singer, Charlie Kurtz. I really like the ambience here – it reminded me of a picture I had in my head when I was little; I’ve always dreamt of this moment where I was in a nice restaurant having drinks and dinner in great company and accompanied by a jazz band. A dream come true, really.

Haha, it was really funny when the Charlie came up to our table to sing to Colm and Kim. He sang the Happy Birthday song in rap and then in a Latin beat mix which cracked us all up! He also startled Dvita when he grabbed her for a dance. Naughty! I too had a short boogie with him to another jazz number.

Around 10pm, everyone settled their bills and we all headed back to Lagerfield for another round of drinks followed by some dancing at Temperance (the numbers halved by the time we got to Temperance). It was such an awesome night out! Photos taken tonight:


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