Another chilled out Sunday with Damien (3rd May 2009)

Damien invited me over for lunch with his friends at his place today. He was going to re-create his curried mussels dish served with warm bread that he had made for one of our dinners previously. Went shopping with him late morning for all the ingredients he needed to cook up the meal for the group. The Asian guy who attended to us at the checkout counter asked Damien how he cooked his mussels and the 2 guys started swapping mussel-cooking methods - thought it was rather amusing to hear 2 grown-up men discuss how they each prepared their seafood hehe...Asian guy told Damien that he heats the mussels one by one in the microwave for a minute each. Seriously, you can nuke a mussel???? I found that hard to believe but was already talking Damien into trying it out before we got to his place. I'm intrigued to see what happens! Asian guy continued on to say that the mussels would be cooked just right and still had natural salt water taste to it, like with a bit of soup. Damien, we are DEFINITELY putting a few in the microwave - this I've got to see!

Didn't end up helping Damien much preparing lunch but kept him company and laughed watching him clean the mussels, pulling out those hairy bits with a pair of pliers - you need more muscles to take on those mussels, man :P Oh, and we did nuke a few and it was exactly like what Asian dude told us. Not too bad actually despite the sea water salty taste. Hmm, I wondered if we could put in more than 1 mussel to nuke at a time...Damien's friends, Terryanne and Matt, popped by shortly and we had lunch together while I listened to them talk about their work stories. Reminded me a lot of those TV dramas like Scrubs and Grey's Anatomy - the little dramas among peers, interesting cases or patients, etc. And you thought Scrubs and Grey's were fictitious stories - some do happen in reality!

Thanks for the awesome lunch, D - so full now! Around 3pm, Terryanne and Matt took off while me and Damien headed out for a drive along the south coast to Taputeranga Marine Reserve since there was still some sun. Did a short beach walk out in the crisp cold sunny day (me and my boots didn't get very far) and then stopped by The Bach Cafe for hot drinks before heading home. This was probably one of the last weekends we'll spend together before he goes travelling to South America and move over to Ireland to work. We've become really good friends in the last year and it saddens me that he's not going to be here for long. Am going to miss him heaps :( We'll have to keep in touch and visit each other!


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