Swing, samba, salsa! (15th - 17th April 2009)

Have been feeling rather miserable with this cold of mine – couldn’t sleep well during the night from the coughing and feeling tired during the day. Sigh, all I REALLY want is to have my man keep me company, bringing me hot tea or soup and just giving me TLC, cuddling me in front of the TV. Unfortunately I don’t have a man to call my own yet so no such luck but for me to sort myself out :(

Went to my 2nd swing dance class on Wednesday and this time we learnt the triple step. Of course, we did review the Charleston steps we learnt last week, the rock-step-kick-step-kick-kick-back step move. Felt much better and happier after my class – I learnt something new today and that made me feel good about myself! I can see James beaming from the corner of my eye, watching me enjoy my dance class (kind of reminded me of a proud parent…hehe…). He never fails to ask me after every class if I had fun. Definitely! :)

Chris came over to my place on Thursday morning to check up on me, bringing us a rhubarb tart each and we had them with a cuppa together. Aww, you’re so sweet! It was really nice of him to drop in to cheer me up – thanks, I needed that. You wouldn’t believe this but shortly after Chris left, Dvita popped in, bringing me tomato soup and bread for lunch! I feel SO adored by my friends here…*hugs*…My flatmate, Andy, must be wondering if I actually do any work on my work-from-home day with so many people popping in to see me!

Ah-ha, so there ain’t free lunch in this world, eh? Turned out Dvita was here to ‘bribe’ me with lunch – she was hoping to convince me to go to samba classes with her tonight. Hmm, honestly I don’t feel up for it but ok, the bribery worked. I’ll come tonight…grr…

I’ve been meaning to attend Clo’s samba classes (Zamba Bem) for a long time but have never been able to fit it into my weekly schedule. Clo is one of the top samba teachers and performers (also a great musician and acrobat) in town and I’ve heard many good things about her classes. The class tonight was held in Aro Valley Community Centre and lasts 1 hour and 20 minutes. Cost $80 for a block course of 10 lessons. Was rather glad I did turn up to class - what a workout is was especially for my abs and bum! Several familiar faces were in the class including my friend Kim and fellow salsera, Vicki.

Clo is an awesome teacher, introducing the steps in parts and really nutting out the movements in detail with body exercises to loosen up the muscles and partner work for body isolation moves. Even the experienced dancers (the class is open to all levels so we have a mix of beginner and experienced dancers, and several guys too) felt challenged with additional hip movements they can add to their learnt steps. Me, the beginner, just concentrated on the basics and damn, samba ain’t easy! My legs and hips tire after performing the moves after a while. Hmm, needs more practice to get those muscles working…

I’m so glad it’s Friday! Still feeling all stuffed up in the nose and groggy but it’s Friday – I’ve had enough staying in during the week so went for a drink with James and Dvita at Southern Cross Bar after work. James was catching up with my swing dance teachers, Peter and Becca, so we joined their table to chit-chat while I waited for Sonja to pop in to see me. Haven’t seen Sonja for several weeks now (she had been aboard) so it was nice to catch up and bring each other to speed on the events of our lives.

Oh yeah, the Wellington Singles Club was having their “Thriving Thirties” event at Southern Cross tonight. Ha, you wouldn’t believe it but the organiser rung me up earlier during the week to convince me to go. Cost $55 this time and I thought that was way expensive so didn’t attend (plus I was sick). Wondered what did the $55 cover (and I hear it cost $75 for non-members – what???)…

Left the bar around 7pm for home to have dinner, got changed and out again for the Urban Fusion Salsa Party at Fusion Bar on Taranaki St with Clave Latina was playing at the party tonight. I rounded a bunch of salsa friends to head to the bar together this evening and it was nice to see everyone turning up (it is rather difficult to round up the group to salsa dance these days as we tend to do non-salsa related activities together instead). Cost $15 entry which included a $5 drink voucher.

Hmm…rather strange to be in this bar said to be the first Bollywood bar in town which used to be the old Santa Fe strip club. There was still some strange dodginess about the place – dark and somewhat sleazy? I’m not sure how to put it. Just odd, all in all.

I wasn’t really in the mood for dancing but since I had rounded the gang up, it wasn’t nice to not show up. Had several dances but spent most of the night watching others dance. Claus popped by to see me with no intention of dancing (he informed me prior that he was feeling tired and stressed out with work so won’t stick around for long) but only 10 minutes after arriving, he was up and dancing non-stop most of the night, and then walking up to me with a 5-year-old kid grin on his face. “Happier now?” I teased and he nodded, still grinning. He’s funny – gave me 2 mini Toblerones as a late Easter gift (he finally received his Easter egg in the mail!).

Kind of had enough and felt rather miserable sitting around so left for home around 12.30am. Photos taken tonight: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8070917@N05/sets/72157617012815104/detail/


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