Night out with Colm and Scott (4th April 2009)

I had a steak craving this week so asked my steak buddy, Colm, if he was keen to grab a steak and beer dinner together in town. Yes, I’m very much a steak and beer gal and every so often, I have a craving for a good, medium-rare cooked steak with a pint of beer. And I have to look up one of the guys for steak dinner – don’t know of any girls who share this similar interest hehe…

Met up with Colm at 7pm at The Craftsman on Courtenay Place and had Scott come along as well – had spent the afternoon with Scott and turned out he too is a steak fan. The more, the merrier!

Hmm, I was rather disappointed with the steak tonight. Even Colm agreed. Somehow, the steak served tonight was not as good as our last visit to The Craftsman. I was really looking forward to a good meal after my swim session (swimming ALWAYS makes me hungry). Guess we won’t be coming back here for steak next time…

Around 8.30pm, we moved on for a beer at The Welsh Dragon Bar & Scorpio’s Restaurant. The bar is located on an island between Cambridge Terrace and Kent St in what was once a public toilet. Both Scott and I have never been to this bar and I’ve always been keen to check it out. Don’t know why but my friends and I just never ended up coming here. Upon walking inside, I felt as if zorbed to England. It was a bar like no other in town, very English like those you see on UK TV, and had the sort of ambient being the type of bar round the corner from home where you knew the folks behind the bar and the patrons. All in all a very unique experience for me. I can understand why my friend Bruce (he’s English) calls this his local bar. It reminds him so much of home!

Still can’t quite see how this place was once a public toilet – really??!

Colm invited me and Scott to join him to a small get-together at Fran’s and Mark’s place. The couple had been living in a rented floating boat cabin/unit berthed at the marina for the last 3 months and now have to move as the owners are selling the cabin so they decided to have a moving out drinks organised tonight with a few friends. Living on a boat - how cool is that! It was so awesome to hang out with friends, chit-chatting over drinks and snacks on the floating cabin – we could feel the cabin sway with the wind, floating on the water. Gives a rather soothing rocking feeling which made me feel sleepy sitting at my corner of the leather couch…hmm, I think it was because I’ve had a long day so just feeling restless. Left for home around 11.30pm.

Man, I would SO love to own a nice luxury boat that I could live in once and awhile. Though I have to agree with Scott, I wouldn’t want to do the maintenance and cleaning – we’ll pay someone else to do that and just walk in and out as we please! Dream, one can always dream…ah…

Oh yeah, tonight is when we all put our clocks back an hour – daylight savings ends today and this officially marks the end of summer (and a nose dive into winter weather, like tonight!). Feels somewhat sad…From now, it’ll be months of cold weather, days get dark earlier and wearing more layers :(


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