More than Bossa Quartet @ Havana Bar (9th April 2009)

Thursdays are my new work from home days but I had to go to the office this morning to buy hot cross buns for the team on my company credit card. It's quite a common tradition in my last 2 jobs for the company to get hot cross buns for the employees the last working day of the Easter week. And giving/getting chocolate eggs too! I had one for all my colleagues, friends working in other parts of Telecom (Colm, James, Dvita, Claus and Adrian) and my flatmates as well. Something small but a nice gesture for the occasion. Plus it sweetens up the short working week ;)

Hahaha, those chocolates I put in the internal mail to my friends had quite a journey - it went half way across town to the main mailroom and back to their offices, with most of my friends working in my building or the building next door. Sure glad the chocs didn't go missing in transit!

My Brazilian friend, Elaine, was performing a bossa nova gig tonight at Havana Bar. Rounded up several friends to come along to the free event which started at 9pm. Wow, I wasn't expecting such a crowd! One would have thought given the long weekend (4 days long), most Wellingtonians would have gone elsewhere. So many friends of mine from different social groups were there enjoying Elaine's singing, chit-chatting with one another over drinks.

Found myself stopping every now and then to cheek kiss, hug and chat with another friend I see in the crowd - Adrian was teasing me that he should get one of those clicker things that bouncers use to count the number of people coming into a bar so we'll know how many friends I stop to chat with in a night. Haha, yes, I indeed know a lot of people - a little social butterfly and miss popular :P To be honest, I didn't expect to see so many friends tonight and was really happy to catch up with friends I've not seen for awhile including the usual gang I hang out with (Dvita, James, Geoff, Colm etc). Felt like a big familia gathering! :)

Havana looked very different from how I remembered it. They removed the dividing wall between the bar and back lounge, making it more 'open' now. The ambience is also slightly different - no longer the dim, cosy Havana Bar I used to frequent on Tuesdays to listen to Carlos or Roberto play their Latin songs back in 2007. Some things haven't changed though - still as packed and busy, and serving their yummy non-alcoholic drink, the Havana Special!

Elaine's gig went on till 11pm. It was awesome and very relaxed - bossa nova, my type of music. Look forward to her next gig! Hung around to chat with the gang that was still around till 11.45pm. As tomorrow is Good Friday, the bar will shut down at midnight and not serve any alcohol. Time to head home for bed! Photo taken with Kim and her mates on my way out:


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