Love and War party (24th April 2009)

I LOVE costume parties! When Rachel, Debs and Alice mentioned having a costume party at their flat in conjunction with ANZAC day, I was all in! During the week, most of us were busy figuring out what we were going to dress up as for the Love and War theme. Costume wasn’t compulsory but our gang would dress up whenever the opportunity arises! Rachel and Debs suggested I turn up as Pocahontas while Scott had the idea of me going as a dominatrix…right…well, I will see about that…

Went to The Costume Company on Ghuznee St (same shop I got my 7’s event Supergirl costume) and tried to look for the costumes but no luck finding something to suit my size. One of the ladies in the shop asked me to put on their Queen of Hearts costume – Queen of Hearts??? How does THAT fit in with the theme???? “Well, hearts = love, and the Queen of Hearts did wage war…just put it on,” coaxed the lady. Oh well, let’s put it on and see…wow. Wow! All 3 of us went quiet and then broke into huge smiles – it was perfect! I looked so adorable (and sexy) in the costume that came along with a tiara. This is DEFINITELY me – I’m getting this!! Cost me $55 for my costume hire. Hope Rach, Debs and Scott aren’t too disappointed I didn’t dress up as characters they suggested but I’m sure they’ll love this one :P

Scott and I were meeting up for dinner in town before heading to the party. Rushed home from work to get ready and had to sew on ribbons and cut out spades onto my knee-high socks to look the character, AND was constantly being interrupted by James’ texts asking me to come out for a drink so he could check out my costume. Ok, ok, just let me finish this! He managed to convince me to turn up at The Establishment and bought me a drink in exchange for a photo with me. Cheeky! I had people staring at me (my socks, really, since my costume was covered by my winter coat) as I walked from home to the bar. Bumped into flatmate Priscilla on the way and she made me do a coat flash to see my costume. Peep-show!

Scott came to meet me at The Establishment and boy did he look the character in his green camouflage military costume – he even had props, a toy machine gun and a half-smoked cigar! Awesome :) We had more stares as we walked over to Lone Star for dinner. The patrons in the restaurant had bewildered looks when we casually walked in and had our steak dinner in full costume. I didn’t care if people were staring - I secretly loved the attention, haha! One of the waitresses actually asked Scott if that was what he wore all the time. Huh???

Hmm, good choice picking Lone Star for dinner, Scott! I had their Rockin’ Ribeye, a 350gm prime Angus Ribeye steak marinated with cracked pepper, topped with brandy and green peppercorn sauce, and served with buffalo chips and Lone Star coleslaw. YUM! Normally, 350gm of steak is too much for me but surprisingly I finished most of my $33 dinner – it was too good and I was having a steak craving (licks lips).

Around 9pm, we left the restaurant to meet George on Courtenay Place (George was tagging along to the party), picked up some alcohol from the nearby wine shop and taxied up to Brooklyn to Rachel’s. Most people at the party were dressed up in costumes and the whole house was nicely decorated to fit the theme – great job, everyone! Colm was D'Artagnan (a character from The Three Musketeers), Rachel and Kelly were hippies, Alice was all covered up in her Abayah (long black garment worn by Muslim women) and Hejab (scarf-like cover that covered her head except her face), Alicia was a Roman goddess, Ellen was a pilot, and Debs and Josh were in army costumes. Dvita and Mel turned up wearing terrorist masks which cracked us all up! There was someone who came as an ANZAC biscuit which I had mistaken for a tortoise at first eeks…Lots of photos in between flitting around catching up with friends over drinks and snacks.

I’ve only recently found out that Colm used to be a professional fencer and he brought along foam swords and gave a few of us a flash fencing lesson. Tap the head, tap the shoulder, tap the side of the chest…Ready? ON GUARD! Ok, I was definitely not Colm’s match despite him putting down his guard – I was attacked everywhere and found myself crouching down to the floor in defence AND in fits of laughter!

There wasn’t a huge crowd at the party so it was very chilled out and a good opportunity to just catch up with one another. Most people started to leave for home around 12am while the rest of us stayed on to play with fireworks and sparklers. There was nothing happening in town after midnight either as all clubs and bars shut down at 12am for the public holiday. This was going to be an early Friday night for me! Thanks Rachel, Debs and Alice for the invite to your awesome party!! Photos taken tonight:


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