Let's talk about sex, baby...(28th April 2009)

…let’s talk about you and me…let's talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be…let's talk about sex…I’ve got this Salt ‘N’ Pepa song stuck in my head! Urgh!!

James and I have been up to mischief today. Ah yes, the week was a bit boring so us two decided to spice it up with a field trip to the adult shop, Dvice, located on Willis St to check out what they had in store. Haha, I can so see your faces cringe – come on, going into an adult isn’t a bad thing. Ok, perhaps a wee bit embarrassing if caught walking in or out from one by someone you know and so what? Just shows you’re more open-minded, creative and adventurous in the bedroom than others!

Sex is part of our lives and there shouldn’t be any reason why one couldn’t freely talk about it – we talk about work, our social activities, health etc. when with family or friends so why is it so difficult to talk about sex? Look, I’m a modern, pragmatic woman and have no issues discussing this topic with anyone (or even going to an adult shop with my buddy, James). Personally, I find the earlier one gets equipped with as much information as they can on sex (and this includes safe sex, of course) before they carry out the act is best. Like everything else in life, sex is a skill and knowledge that can be learnt and even mastered. And talking or sharing is a form of learning. There are plenty of books out there you can read too, including Hot Sex by Tracey Cox, a book about how to ‘do it’, which James and Hew both recommended to me (if you plan to get this book as an audio book, make time to just listen to it – I found it very difficult to work and listen to it at the same time. Just can’t concentrate!), and The Secret Garden by Nancy Friday, a book on women’s sexual fantasies (hah, and you think only men fantasize – well, obviously the sisterhood ain’t sharing info in the group…) written by a woman as old as my grandmother, which I’m also reading at the moment.

Most of the time when we think about adult shops, images of porn and the sleazy old bastard behind the counter giving you dirty looks come to mind. Dvice is not that type of shop. There are no X-rated posters inside or outside the store and it felt more like we had walked into a boutique clothes store that just specializes in selling sex gear. And the store person was very professional and knowledgeable, answering any questions you may have and explaining how the sex toys work. Sex gear is a totally new territory to me and this was my first lesson to find out more and understand what the hype in sex toys was all about.

I told the girl that I was a new to all these and asked for her recommendation on a toy for me. She suggested getting myself a vibrator and went on showing me all the different types of vibrators they had – wow, you can find a vibrator in almost any size and colour, even waterproof and chargeable ones. There was one that looked just like a cartoon caterpillar (hmm, not very sexy-looking…) and James turned on the Pearl Rabbit vibrator (this is the one made infamous by Sex and the City), which allows women to enjoy both clitoral and internal stimulation, though to me, it looked like a mean machine with a rotating shaft and spinning pearls that made me dizzy just looking at it. Oh, but the one that really impressed me was Lily, a sleek-looking clitoral vibrator that fits snugly in the curve of the palm of your hand, quiet yet powerful enough to send a range of pulses, and escalating vibrations (the lady turned it on and had me hold Lily in my palm), ultra discreet (looks like a garage door remote), recharges like a mobile phone on a charger (can you believe that even sex toys are so advanced in technology?) and comes with a 1 year warranty. Looked so cute and delicious to own! The only downside to it was that it wasn’t waterproof and cost a steep $239.99.

The other item that fascinated me was the Smart Balls. We often hear women who suffer urinary incontinence, gone through pregnancy and childbirth, or more common these days, as a means of tightening their vagina, performing Kegel exercises which strengthens their pelvic floor muscles. The Smart Balls are the smart option, no-brainer way to Kegel exercises for the woman! Comes in a funky range of colours, these silicone balls slip into your vagina and the gentle movements inside naturally tones the pelvic floor muscles. Hmm, I cannot imagine how it would feel if a woman were to wear it to the gym, at work or just for the day – the lady assured me that it would be fine wearing it while carrying out most of my daily activities. Ok…Cost $47.99 for these little things. You can go for the cheaper, earlier versions but I wouldn’t dare – the balls make a noise when you shake them. Er, I don’t think so…

We continued walking around the shop, discovering interesting things – they had costumes (oh yeah, that’s so me – me and my costume fetish haha!), books, games, flavoured body paint, lubricants etc. They had Purr Clitoral Arousal Cream for $29.99 that helps the body mimic the physical state of sexual arousal i.e. more bloodflow to the clit. Talk about cheaters way for women to get hot and heavy in the bedroom, fast! And from now till Mother’s Day, they were giving out free wand butterfly vibrators (a hideous pink butterfly which you literally strap it on yourself like a harness) worth $80 for purchases made over $150!! Double the pleasure, I say! Learnt so much in the 45-minutes spent there – had lots of fun with James on our mini field trip ;)


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