Karen's eviction party & drinks with the boys at Alice (18th April 2009)

Karen and her flatmates have been ‘evicted’ from their current home in Mt Victoria – the owners had sold the house and they had 4 weeks to vacate the place. They had too many bottles of spirits and other alcoholic drinks in the house to spare so why not throw a party and ask everyone to help polish them off? Ha, with no doubt, EVERYONE would be there!

Around 8.30pm, Scott and Chad came to meet me at home and we waited for Dvita to turn up. Strange, she was meant to turn up at my place by 8pm but was still not here. 9pm and several texts and phone calls later AND still no reply, me and the boys gave up and left home and walked over to Karen’s. Was nice to see Karen and catch up (she hasn’t been out and about with the gang much since she started training for her triathlons) – she’s going home to South Africa next week. Awesome! Have a great time there, my dear, and we’ll catch up when you get back!

Caught up with Colm, Kelly, Alice and Debs who also dropped in and flitted around the kitchen chatting with other random guests as well. It was quite funny watching silly antics of some people who had one too many drinks – there was a guy named Paul who would mix up some concoction (and they taste damn good too!) and poured small portions into your empty cup, then gather a crowd to make a loud cheer and down their drinks, and then this cycle repeats itself. Sure made hell of a noise hehe…

“Chad, did you steal that peg from my house??” I asked. Bizarrely, Chad carried a clothes peg in his pocket (I’ve my suspicions he picked it up from my sofa…hmm…) and it became the objects of the newfound guessing game of who got pegged with the same drinking crowd. They REALLY are drunk!

Scott wasn’t kidding me when he said Chad looked like the younger version of Sir Edmund Hillary – he got Chad to turn his face to the side and pull out a $5 note for comparison. Oh my god…the resemblance was uncanny…

Around 12.30am, me, Colm, Scott and Chad walked Kelly home then headed to Alice for a few more drinks. Hmm, I like their Bombay Sherbet best…Colm and I each had one :) Had a bit of a boogie with Scott over at Boogie Wonderland but couldn’t stick around for long as it was packed and felt rather stuffy and hot so went back to Alice to find the boys. Ooo, somebody’s got company…While we were away dancing, two young girls (probably 18-20 years of age) plonked themselves on our seats and starting chatting with Colm and Chad. Scott and I stood around and watched the boys, laughing at our little gossips on what the two and the girls were talking about. Chad must have felt our eyes boring into his head so turned around and introduced us to the girls – hehe! Was quite funny to hear the blonde one ask Chad out loud if I was his gf (was the boring that obvious? I was just trying to listen in to the conversation :P).

Chad excused himself to head to the little boys’ room and had Scott take over his seat. Blondie was rather drunk as far as we were all aware and literally throwing herself at the boys (now at Scott since he has taken over the ‘love seat’ hehe…). The other girl, Brunette, didn’t look that interested in the boys and had this bored look on her face so we didn’t talk much to her but chatted amongst ourselves. Blondie was hands all over Scott and showed rather keen interest (I can tell from the rather ‘forward’ body language). The 2 disappeared somewhere for awhile much to the dismay of Brunette who then came to me and Colm asking where Scott took Blondie to. “Next door to Boogie Wonderland maybe?” I shrugged. We told her to hang out with us for a bit till they came back. Bad enough that she was looking for her friend and then there goes Colm telling her stuff about Scott, like how Scott is such a man and an animal, sex god la-la-la... “What the hell ARE you doing???” I mouthed to Colm who told me not to worry and that he was just helping Scott. Look what you did to Brunette – she’s now frantically texting away, to Blondie, obviously, to which Colm just gave me a “what?” look and smiled gleefully. You naughty devil, you!

Scott popped back with Blondie soon after and the 2 girls were talking at the bar while Scott came over to our table, semi-panicky, asking me and Colm what he should do now since Blondie wants him to go to another club together and things were getting somewhat steamy. Our conversation then went something like this:

“No, I can’t do this, this is not me – I don’t do one night stands, I’ve never done it before and I’ve got a conscience. I CANNOT do this!” he wailed.
“Scott, look – are you attracted to her?” I said to him in all seriousness.
“I’m attracted to her because she’s attracted to me…” was his response.
“Good, so that part of the problem is sorted. Now go to the bar, get yourself another drink and park that consciousness of yours to the back of your head and just go with the flow,” I told him and Colm added his 2 cents in agreement.
“Really? Ok, ok…No, I can’t – I’ll just end up chickening out come the end of the night…” goes Scott and honestly, I could just grab his shirt collar and just shake him. I mean, seriously, he is a guy and who knows how the night will end so just give it a go, dammit (and this is coming from me, a woman).
“Come on, just have fun and see how it goes. Who knows you might like one night stands!” Colm teased and I could just swat him from where I was sitting because it wasn’t helping us in prepping Scott’s confidence for the rest of his night without us. Grr…

Anyhow, Scott did leave with Blondie to another bar and the rest of us headed our own ways home around 2.30am. I have to say the series of events at Alice tonight was rather amusing – the conversations and expressions. Oh, I should have taken my camera out tonight to record the whole soap opera :P Hmm, I would be keen to hear of the rest of Scott’s night tomorrow…hehe…


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