Day trip to Castlepoint, Wairarapa (18th April 2009)

I didn’t think Claus was serious about going surfing today when he told me about it as I said goodbye to him at the salsa party last night. He rang me up this morning to say he was heading to Castlepoint to surf. I wasn’t in any shape for surfing (still not feeling well) but happy to tag along for the day trip. He had invited Dvita to come along and coincidentally Chris rang me up in between Claus’ texts convincing me to go to Castlepoint for the day so Chris came with as well.

“Where IS Dvita???” I asked Claus when he came to pick me up around 11am. Apparently, he had been texting and calling her the whole morning but didn’t get any response. I tried to call her as well as we drove over to Chris’ to pick him up – still no luck. We couldn’t stick around town for much longer to wait for her for Claus would miss the tide times and not be able to catch his wave if we didn’t arrive in Castlepoint by 1ish. Oh well, just too bad– we had better go!

Castlepoint is a spectacular site along the Wairarapa coastline with long stretches of beach and a sheltered lagoon providing opportunities for a variety of water-based recreational pursuits, including surfing and fishing. There is also a lighthouse and several walks in this beautiful scenic reserve. I’ve been here twice during my stay in NZ with friends – I think the last trip here was back in 2005? Wondered if much has changed…

The 2-hour drive from Wellington to Castlepoint was pretty cruisy, with a quick stop in Masterton for us to pick up some sandwiches, pies and drinks with us for lunch. Along the drive, we ended up behind a car that had “I AM 138” vehicle number plate. What in the world does “I AM 138” even mean???!

“I know! I know!” went Claus. “It means that the couple likes the 69 sex position AND also swinging with another couple at the same time. 69 times 2 equal 138!” he continued. WHAT????!!!! You naughty, dirty-minded cheek! How did that brain of yours work out the maths equation so quickly and still put a sex twist to it? We all cracked up laughing at Claus’ smart remark. Though I didn’t think the couple in the car look the type who were ‘wild in the bedroom’ when we drove past them but then again, looks can be deceiving :P

We finally arrived at our destination about 1.30pm. Wow, the place looked really different from memory in the sense the facilities and walking trail to the lighthouse were properly done up. Nice! Claus took the car along the beach strip of Deliverance Cove and parked on the beach – so cool! It was a clear day today, making the view absolutely amazing though it was still a tad chilly and windy (and I had my bikini and tied-up sarong on – wrong choice!).

Hmm, really Claus, are you sure you want to go into the water? It looks like a mega 2 metre-tall washing machine out there…

After about 5-10 minutes contemplating whether or not to surf, Claus decided all 3 of us should take a short walk up the nearby hill. You must be kidding me, right? From where we were at the beach, the track to the top of Castle Rock seemed like an impossible feat – SO steep! We somehow managed to walk all the way up in flip-flops (not advisable) past rubbles, grass plains and steps. Took us about 45 minutes to get to the top with me trailing behind taking photos along the way. Hmm, not as steep as I had expected and boy was the hike worth it – we were rewarded with a gorgeous view :) Woah, I wouldn’t advise standing or leaning too close to the cliff, boys…THAT is one really steep drop into the water…

Started our hike back to the car after sitting on top of the hill for about 10 minutes – was too windy. Eeks, the water must be about 17 degrees when I went to test it out with my toes! Honestly, I think Claus wasn’t really keen to put himself into the crashing waves but he’s driven this far so went into the water anyway. Chris and I stayed in the car out of the wind to chat and tried to find the now ant-sized Claus in the water. Couldn’t really see him though. Is he out there?? Some 15 minutes later, we watched Claus walk back towards us then telling us that is was not such a fun surf out there. I’m glad I didn’t end up going into the water with him – would be hell for someone like me who 1) doesn’t know how to surf, and 2) has a past history of drowning.

Back in the car and stopped to walk to the Castlepoint Lighthouse trail. It was a 30-minute return easy walk on the board-walk over the reef and past the lighthouse. A few more photos and time to head home at 4.30pm. Though it wasn’t a beach day as I would have liked, I had fun with my boys, just chilling out together for the day. Photos taken today:

Here are 2 jokes, one from each of the boys, which got us cracking up in the car on the way home:

From Chris:
“How do you tell the difference between bull shit and cow shit?”
What you do is take both shit in your hands and throw it up in the air – whichever stays up is bullshit!

From Claus (this one requires facial action near the end):
A Brazilian man was drawing squares with his finger on the glass of his fish tank and his friend was in awe watching the fish follow wherever the finger went. “Wow, how do you train the fish to do that?” asked the friend. “Well, it is only a matter of who has the stronger mind and the others follow,” replied the Brazilian. “Look, I need to go out but will be back shortly – why don’t you give it a go?” the Brazilian added. Some 2 hours later, the Brazilian returned. “How did you go with the fish?” he asked, only to find his friend opening and closing his mouth like a fish!

Oh, and in case you were wondering what happened to Dvita, she rang me on my mobile at 5.30pm while me and the boys were still in the car on the way home to apologise and said she just work up with a very bad hangover from last night. Tsk, tsk…


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