Dance, dance, dance (8th April 2009)

James had finally convinced me to attend the beginners swing dance class with his dance school, Full Swing, which started tonight. Cost $60 for a term of 10 lessons for an hour each at Webb St Dance Studios. Should be good fun and somewhat a challenge for me to break away from the dances I’ve learnt in the past. Also, I get to finally dance to my next favourite type of music – jazz!

Full Swing is Wellington's very first Swing dance club, specialising in Lindy Hop style. I frankly do not know what to expect – this would be a brand new dance genre I’m picking up. There were lots of people in my class with some experienced leaders, like James, helping out. The crowd is very different to those in salsa. I couldn’t quite put a finger to it. As with other partner dance classes I’ve attended, the women still outnumbered the men and the class rotates the partners so no one misses out.

I was joking to James at the start of the class that I wouldn’t want to be caught seen here by any salsa dancers – they would tease me and call me a traitor picking up a different dance! Haha, you wouldn’t believe it – part way through the class, I saw friends Christian, Victor and Willy-John walk out from the other dance studio after their salsa workshop and waved to me. Opsie…

Rock, step, kick, step, kick, kick, back step…I learnt a whole new move today! So cool!! Frankly, the dance is somewhat cheesy yet relaxed in comparison to salsa but I had good fun. Look forward to the next class and getting to know a few more people in this new crowd, perhaps even tag along with James to one of their social dance events :)

Back home for dinner and changed into a cocktail dress and out again at 9pm to Shooters Bar for Salsa Therapy’s Pre-Congress salsa party. It is Easter week this week i.e. the week of NZ Pacific Salsa Congress. I’ve decided not to participate in this event this year – not competing and neither attending the classes. Didn’t think it was worth paying some $250 for me to do a few classes plus I hardly dance much salsa these days anyway. Yes, I do know that the next congress would only be in 2011 and have put that into consideration. Well, at least I’ll be attending a few of the parties held in town this week and also catch up with Andrea, who’s flying in from Germany to catch up with us.

Caught up with Scott and friends at Shooters. Haha, these days, Scott and I have a new greeting when we see each other: “Hey baby!” said in a Sean Connery manner. Cute! Flitted around the bar catching up with friends I’ve not seen for a while. Of course, dancing as well. Damn, I couldn’t believe how rusty my salsa dancing has become from the lack of dancing! It felt like hard work dancing tonight!! Had several fun dances with the boys which included Bill showed off his triple spins (rather uncommon to find boys spinning) and Alvin (Auckland salsa dancer who’s moved down to Wellington) pushed my linear dancing limits, pulling out surprise moves at me.

This was a free event with Lily and Christian DJ-ing tonight. Hmm, not sure what the deal was but some of the songs played were not very ideal for dancing and most of us would just linger in the outskirts of the dance floor waiting for the next song to be played. Left around 11pm as I still need to work tomorrow. Photos taken tonight:


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