Beating the cold bug (20th - 23rd April 2009)

I am SO sick of feeling miserable with this cold – haven’t been swimming or exercising much to the point it was beginning to REALLY bug me. Decided to f&^k it and went for a swim on Monday. Damn, felt so much better after the swim! On Tuesday, I went to sweat it all out in Bikram yoga class. Love my classes with instructor Glenda – her voice is so soothing it relaxes me, yet she always knows how to push my limits in class. I must say, after the class, I walked out feeling rather ‘orgasmic’ – just the wonderful light feeling of blood rushed through your body, all relaxed and tension released after the 90-minute class. Such an awesome feeling…ah…AND I get a radiant after-glow too :)

Caught up with George for dinner on Wednesday evening – the poor fellow hasn’t been feeling very well and even forgotten about our dinner! While I waited for him to turn up at Whitcoulls on Courtenay Central, you would not believe who I bumped into – my new stalker/admirer, Michael. Ah yes, I have my fair share of such men, random guys who popped up in my life whom I do not fancy the slightest but just because I give them a slice of my time, they think they stand a chance and try too hard chasing me – the flowers, the emails, the non-stop texting or calls, even turning up unannounced at my front door. Creeps me out!

How did Michael come about? 1st time I met him, I was on my way to the post office and this small-sized Asian man came running up to me, stopping my tracks to ask me where I came from. Weird! He thought I came from Laos (that was where he came from) and I thought that was so odd for him to run up to me just to ask. For the record, I’ve been mistaken for a Filipino many times in NZ but from Laos? That was a first. Anyway, a couple of weeks later, the same thing happened again, this time outside my work building. He had obviously forgotten our previous encounter (or could this be his usual conversation starter line?) and instead of answering him, I asked him his own question and then introduced myself (he turned out to be working for the same company with James and bunch). Didn’t think much of that incident and life continued on. Last week, he bumped into me somewhere on Courtenay Place and followed me half a block to where I was heading to before going his way – he asked if he could have lunch with me sometime and I went “Sure…” when I should have said no or gave some random excuse like “I don’t think my bf would approve of that” as James suggested. Though if I was a man pursuing a woman and she gave me that excuse, I would have just said “No problem, bring him along for lunch” just to see her reaction in the event she was lying about her relationship status. Besides, I didn’t think there was any harm having lunch and getting to know another person in town though him following me half the block when it wasn’t even on his way did ring stalker alarm bells in my head.

Anyway, woe is me I bumped into him in Whitcoulls this evening and he was on his way out but saw me and spent the rest of the time while I was there just lingering around where he could see me, making me feel a bit uncomfortable and having to keep bringing up random topics to chat so he wouldn’t just look at me while I was pretending to busy myself browsing books. He kept asking me for my phone number and when I shrugged him off, I thought he gave up and left but instead set his bag on a nearby chair, opened it to take out a pen and paper, and just stood there with eager eyes waiting for me to write my number on the paper. Oh dear god…I gave him my office number – no way was he getting my mobile. Urgh, where IS George?

“Why are you not having dinner with an Asian man?” he blurted out after I told him I was meeting George for dinner (I happened to mention that George was a maths lecturer and Michael started to tell me he’s very good in maths too – and the point being???). I didn’t know to feel insulted or what and just went “Excuse me?” to which he repeated the question again and then added that he found Asian girls tend to date white guys. WTF???!!! “Look, Michael, I have lots of friends here who come from all around the world and coincidentally I do not have that many Asian friends to tell you whether it is true or not that Asian girls tend to go for non-Asian men,” I said in a rather curt tone. George, where the hell are you? Get your ass here now and save me from this torture! Thankfully George turned up soon after and I was more than ready to leave. Bye Michael and thank you George for saving me! Let’s go, let’s go!!

George and I caught up over dinner at Momo Tea and then drinks at Hooch Bar. Was nice to see him again and hope he gets better soon so he could come along to Rachel’s house party this Friday. Rest up!

Thursday, I had a chilled out dinner after samba class with Damien at his place where he made us 2kgs of steam mussels in a curry mix served with sour dough bread – yum! Apparently he got the recipe off a video on YouTube :) Us kids of the new generation, eh? Pretty much look up anything on the internet! It was a lovely quiet evening of catching up (and getting our hands dirty with the delicious food) – thanks Damien!

Was on a work training course the whole week this week and have been catching up on some reading too in between work and other social activities. Just finished reading a book titled You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay – an interesting book that teaches similar philosophies like The Secret, where what and how you think has great influence in how the rest of your body functions. There is strong belief in the book that illnesses such as cancer, headaches etc. are the result of human grievances, built up anger and other negative thoughts and emotions. How true that is, I’m not sure but I do have to agree that positive thinking will help at times when one is sick, just to get out of the ‘down’ feeling. Me keeping busy, active and happy does help cure me from my cold bug :)

The other book I’ve started reading is He’s Just Not That Into You (I’ve seen the movie which was based on this book). Haha, you girls have to read this one – it’s such a cracker and easy to read. Written by a comedian and former executive writer of Sex and the City, the book is smart, funny and full of Qs & As covering every excuse women has ever made to avoid admitting to herself that a man just wasn’t that interested with her. It is so true – women DO give men too many chances and excuses for their bad behaviour. I’ve been in several of these women’s shoes (including staring at the phone asking why it wouldn’t goddamn ring) and every time I read another “Dear Greg” letter in the book and recall my personal experience, an image of me tossing the book and hitting that particular guy in the head pops up in my head. Ka-poof, and he falls off his chair! At the very least if the book doesn’t give you alarm bells that the guy you are seeing might be just not that into you, it does empower women and makes you feel your self-worth and happiness are more important.


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