Wellington Heads gig at Hotel Bristol (26th March 2009)

It has been one hell of a long week and I seriously needed to unwind so I was glad when James asked me to join him and friends for after work drinks at The Tasting Room this evening. A beer (or three) would help! Geoff came by to join us shortly after I turned up - was nice to catch up with the boys as always :)

A quick stop for a bite at the Thai place on Cuba St and dropped by Geoff's new place around the corner, the 3 of us headed to Hotel Bristol to see Wellington Heads play their gig tonight. I hardly ever go to Hotel Bristol for a drink nor have I heard of this band until James mentioned about the gig. There was no cover charge to get into the bar so why not check it out? And if memory serves me right, James has mentioned the band a few times - more reason for me to come to the gig then!

Wellington Heads is a jazz band that plays music stretching from 1920s jazz to New Orleans blues. Quite a nice band actually. Sitting at the table with the boys drinking my beer, my thoughts went back to the days I spent in Chicago checking out the music scene. I miss those days and it is nice to know that there are such jazz bands around in town yet for me to discover. Thanks James for having me tag along!

Turns out, James and his swing buddies also dance to the Wellington Heads. Pity I didn't know how to dance swing or the two of us would have gotten up and danced like the other couples we saw on the dancefloor. Hmm, maybe I should pick up swing dance classes...Photos taken at Hotel Bristol on my phone:

A fuzzy photo taken on my mobile phone of a couple dancing to the band

Wellington Heads playing at Hotel Bristol


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