Vaughn Roberts Big Band at Civic Square (7th March 2009)

Several friends and I got together and headed down to Civic Square late afternoon to hear Vaughn and his band perform. It was one of the few free events of the Wellington Jazz Festival 2009 which runs from 5th-8th March. Boy was I glad I went to it - the band was awesome, playing a range of jazz pieces, even some with a swing and latin beat to it. Not surprising, the swing dancers and us salseros where up on our feet, having fun dancing to the tunes of the band (and loving the attention from the audience...hehe...).

I wasn't aware that Vaughn had his own band; most times I've seen him perform, he was always the trumpet player for most of the Latin bands in town. Turns out, not only is he one of NZ's most prominent trumpeter, he is also a composer, arranger and the lead of the 18-member strong Vaughn Roberts Big Band. One thing I really loved about Chicago was the jazz scene - you could listen to all sorts of jazz in so many places any day. Here in Wellington, it is still quite limited. Really, Vaughn, your band should perform more regularly in public events - I would be your no. 1 fan :)

OH MY GOD!! I couldn't recognise Scott when he walked up to me. I've gotten so used to his moustache - without it, he looks totally different! And it sure takes several years off him (not that he's THAT old). About time for a change in look ;)

Note to self, wearing a pashmina scarf as a tube top is NOT ideal for dancing - I spend too much time pulling my top up because it was falling downwards! Eeks!! Photos taken at Civic Square:


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