Samba gafieira classes still going on! (3rd March 2009)

Ah yes, you must be wondering what is happening with the samba gafieira weekly classes now that Helbert’s gone home to Brazil and god know whether he’s coming back or not anytime soon. Well, Christian and I have started the practices again in February and have had 3 practices so far at his place with Luciano, Paul and Ethel. So far, so good – we’ve gone back to refine the basic steps we’ve learnt last year and making good progress.

There’s more structure to the practices this time round (or at least I feel Christian is trying his best to) – with Helbert, it was based on whatever moves he felt like teaching for the night; with Christian, he conducts the classes just like he would for salsa, by teaching parts of a step that builds up to the move he wants to teach for the night. Either way, works fine for me!

Ok, which one of you boys decided that was a good idea and funny?? Luciano has the tendency to dance with the ladies like in salsa where the right/resting hand is on the lower back – in gafieira, it is much easier to have the resting hand on the upper back, somewhere around the follower’s bra line. But that doesn’t mean you have permission to thwack my bra line to remind yourself where your hand should be!!! Hey! He just enjoys doing so and have us both laughing about it – naughty :P

Ron’s also back in town so we’ll probably resume to 2 weekly practices like we had last year. Helbert should be so proud and pleased with himself that we are still continuing the classes, which was what he wanted us to do after he left NZ :)


  1. Hi Angelica, Keep on practicing, you'll be good soon.
    By the way, you Tango? Or Waltz?

    Came across your blog by chance via google. Nice blog.
    You keep a song in your heart and have fun.
    Best regarda, Lee.


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