Newtown Festival 2009 & Salsa on the beach @ Worser Bay (8th March 2009)

Caught up with Scott at his place about 10ish this morning to go to the Newtown Festival together. Newtown is a unique suburb with an ethnically diverse population and the festival is held to celebrate Newtown by bringing their community together out in the public realm. I've never been to the Newtown Festival so this is a first for me - yay!

Scott, why am I always waiting for you to get ready??? You are a guy! Come on, chop, chop!!

We decided to walk over to Newtown since the weather was nice and sunny. Took us about 20 minutes to get to Riddiford St where most of the action was taking place. Part of the street was closed so that people could walk about to check out the little stores selling food, clothes and all sorts. It was only 11.30am and the place was already bustling with people - awesome!

Scott and I walked up and down the festival area, stopping now and again to greet friends or check out anything of interest. Some of the sellers seemed to have brought in all their unwanted stuff from home and set up a mini garage sale stall! Quite odd and one wonders if they do make a sale. Hmm, perhaps we should set up our own stall selling random things next time...Oh, but the best stall was this man selling whistles - you could buy 1 for $4 or all 3 types of whistle (bird, duck and cat) for $10. It was the type of whistle the size of a 20 cent coin where you can hide it inside your mouth, blow into it and make super loud noises without anyone realising you were doing so. I used to own a bird whistle like that but wasn't very good at it - there are some tricks on how to place the whistle in your mouth to make the noises. I managed to make a convincing pitch to Scott who ended up getting one - I can so see him trying it out at home during his spare time...hehe...hmm, perhaps I should have gotten the cat one...sounded rather interesting...

Some friends were also performing today in the various stages including Mariachi Loco, Brazealand and a salsa group teaching the audience a short sexy dance routine. I even had a few gafieira dances with Ramnish on the street to Brazealand and then we all joined in the congo line, hopping about to the Brazilian music. Photos taken at the festival:

Left the festival around 2pm for home to change to beach wear and headed out to Worser Bay to catch up with the others for Ramnish's Salsa on the Beach event. I wasn't keen to dance but wouldn't mind just chilling out in the sun. This would be the first time this summer that I'm heading to the beach in my bikini for a tan. I know - even I am surprised it took this long to get any beach days this summer!

Ah...I LOVE the feeling of the sun in my face, the warmth, the brightness. Just give me happy-happy feelings :) Spent the rest of my afternoon lying in the sun, catching up with friends and had a few dances as well. Most of us were in chill-out mode so not many actually hit the sand dancing.

Hahaha, we are a crazy bunch! I'm not sure how it all started but a group of us were just chit-chatting and Alicia started off lying on Stacey's tummy, then Naz on hers and it exploded to this huge domino stack of one person lying on another person's lap or tummy!! We had SO much fun, laughing uncontrollably at our silly antics. Poor Rodney was telling me to stop laughing as it was causing him motion sickness lying on my tummy! That didn't help with the laughter - instead I laughed even more! :P Photos taken at the beach:

I had a fun Sunday spent with friends :)


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